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Donations and Bonus Comic Information

Want to Donate? Click the button!

People are encouraged to donate what they can but donations should not be made under $1.50(USD), this is simply because of how Paypal does donations.  They take out a small amount from each transaction generally a set number and then a percentage.  Anything low will end up being barely a dollar or less, if you donate 5-10 dollars or more a lot more of the actual money will go to the site than get taken out by Paypal.  So if you are planning on donating but only a few dollars, it would be best if you saved it and donated a larger amount later.

I do limit how many bonus comics/art I will do at a time.  With work, the comic, and other projects I can’t promise unlimited pictures or comics.  So to prevent from getting overwhelmed I only do 4-5 comics through donations, take a short break and then re-open them when I can to continue.  If donations go over the amount needed for bonus comics that money will be applied to the next batch, it will be delayed of course but the money just doesn’t vanish so don’t worry about it going over (The total amount will be counted on the bar so you will know by how much over it has gone).

Donation images and comics are uploaded on my DeviantArt account so if there is an old image you missed go there to see it as well as other art I’ve done (Link is in the bar bellow the banner at the top of the screen)!  The only bonus comic that was done so far is Body Cross Chaos, you can read it by following the link at the top of the screen titled “Bonus Comic” (or click that).

How much does it cost?

I want to make this clear, even though a bonus image might cost $50, and each bonus comic costs $60, you don’t need to donate that much.  You can donate however much you want, it all gets added together.  So if you and 29 other people all donated 2 dollars, that would be a comic.  If you want to donate $120, that’s fine too and both I and many of the readers would be grateful for it!  Once it’s paid for, as I have said before, it’s released for everyone to see, so even if you can’t afford to donate anything, you will be able to view the comics as well.

What’s Next? 01/12/2012

The next set is going to be a new Donation Comic!
The comic will take place on a island Shiden is planning on turning into a resort. There have been some strange complications- and it’s the perfect place for the group to go on vacation! OR IS IT!? O_o!  o_O!  O_O!  o_o! ^_^

The total length of this comic is currently around 14-16 pages but it has potential to run a little longer.  It does not have an adult rating but the fan service will be turned up a bit like it was for Body Cross Chaos. ^_^

The story is also a bit more involved but it doesn’t have any super drama so you are safe if you are scared of super drama like I am!

The characters to appear in this one will be most of the cast but a few will be missing. Here’s the current list of appearing characters!
Phil, Kate, Blue, Nami, Shiden, Toyoko, Lien, Miyo, Rieko, Tom, and a few of the robot girl support cast 😛   (Can’t name names because it could spoil something).


Explaining the Donation Bar

The donation bar shows the current total and how many comics have been paid for of the current batch.  It doesn’t say how many are done though.  When a comic is finished keep an eye out for the Latest Bonus comic image to change.  That will link to the newest one and will have a small preview image of the new comic much like how Chalo does on Las Lindas.  If you have any questions please vist the forum and ask! ^_^