• Marco Antonio Valladares

    Gotta say for a duck, she is HOT! I’d quack that! lol

    • ReyJJJ

      Sadly, she trumps Inflatabelle with nearly no contest….

  • Victor B

    is her whiskers simply differently coloured fur? And why would you scream because of ear infection? Does she even have ear infection?

    • Gaboris

      Ear infection. It’s part of the new Alex so I’d say it’s just one more thing to the list of things you can randomly ask about when there’s a big noise and you’d probably be right all the times. 😀

      BTW yeah those “whisker lines” are weird in comparison to real ones, but a lot of anthropomorphic cats have it like that and personally I’d say it’s an evolutionary thing since with a humanoid body those whiskers would loose their functions and would degenerate over time.

      • Victor B

        Would they? cause some times I wish I had whiskers.

        I’ve had ear infections and they make me sick, that;s all

        • http://ourworld.katbox.com Captain Video

          The ear infection is the source of her dizziness in the last few pages. In this case, Pete assumes that whatever noise he’s just heard is a product of her falling over because of this.

          • Victor B

            Thank you Captain Video.

        • Gaboris

          As far as I understand evolution anything that isn’t related to survival or finding a mate is going to degenerate because individuals without it would have the same chances of surviving and mating as others.

          For example if a normal cat is missing its whiskers because of a mutation it would have pretty bad chances at surviving without help compared to its normal unmutated kin. Now if the whiskers don’t serve a role anymore – like you can’t use them to avoid bumping your head into things all the time since you’re standing on two legs and your head is not in front of your body but atop of it – a cat would have the same chances at surviving without them.

          The whisker lines on the other hand might be about a leftover gene that makes ones with whiskers more preferable for mates. In these cases if a anthro cat without whiskers has a fur pattern that looks like whiskers might get more chances at mating and by time those patters would start to look more and more like actual whiskers because the closer it resembles it the better the mating chances.

          Although if we try to apply this to a multi species system we can just thrown evolution out the window. Seriously when I tried to theorize how anthros could evolve I had to take some serious liberties with with genetics. 😀

          • Kuurion

            Answer to you all: They’re not whiskers!
            Alex s an orange tabby, and orange tabbies have darker orange stripes on their already-orange face. Look at the color shot in the header.

  • Chrysi Cat

    Cricket bat?
    I thought they were in Canada–wouldn’t a baseball bat be more likely to be lying around?

    • http://ourworld.katbox.com Captain Video

      To get fiddly with the comic’s in-universe details, it’s actually neither – it’s a bat used in a completely different sport that Kuurion invented (you’ll see it again in passing later on). It just LOOKS like a cricket bat. A similar in-universe explanation exists for why their system of money is based on a unit called the pound, but that’s for much later.

      • pride-and-parliament

        I can’t even tell if you’re serious or telling CC to suspend her disbelief. Or is the first the former and the second the latter?

        I think I need to take my sarcasm radar to the mechanic.

  • Vulpine Warrior

    Shouldn’t everyone prepare for noise when Alex is around?

  • MysticJanus

    Gotta love it when Pete ruins an near-successful escape attempt. XD

  • Zepiore

    that looked like an exceedingly painful way to start the day

  • Mufasa_117

    Is it just me, or does ‘life form’ look like ‘life porn’? Probably just my perverted mind… >^<