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Unlocked Magical Powers

Unlocked Magical Powers published on 48 Comments on Unlocked Magical Powers
Sticking with Kate for a bit- moving this bit along ^_^ How will having magical powers change things? What happens to that stuff if Phil touches it? Will Penpen hatch an evil scheme with these magic items that will turn him into a villain more powerful and more evil than any seen before?! Probably not. More on the book probably Monday.


“it’s aura” > “its aura”

Now that we got that outta the way, I’m looking forward to seeing Kate use magic! Not around Phil of course, they’d break or expire like high-power torches with cheap batteries!
As to the second question: Probably not indeed.

It’s aura = It is aura
Its aura = it possesses an aura

So the comic is correct.

Oh darn. I used simplified notation again. What I actually meant to write was:
“it’s aura” -> “its aura”

That’s an arrow. Showing from current/wrong to suggested/correct.

The second was already used, though. It already says “its” rather than “it’s”…

When Sage posted it he originally made the mistake of using “it’s” but fixed it soon after.
Evil’s comment was posted before that fix was made which is what he’s trying to explain, and his only “mistake” as it were, was simply assuming everybody would see “>” as a directional arrow rather than a less than/greater than sign. 😛

Good heavens, just imagine! People actually thought I had terrible grammar.

When once I corrected all the cast pages just for the hell of it, though Phil didn’t want to implement the new ones because I couldn’t show him all the stuff I’d changed. Well, it would have worked by simply comparing them via word, but it would have been a little messy, so we all just left it like it was IIRC.

Meh, I didn’t realize it was something that was changed. I can be slow sometimes, this is something that is true of anyone. I didn’t say that you were wrong per say… I thought it at first, simply because I didn’t see the original change, but left it open as a statement rather than a declaration in case my confusion was due to this issue. In the end, it turned out I was simply mistaken. It happens.



Some people just want to watch the world burn.

You have not lived life until you manage to set a lake on fire.

So, with Kate finally succeeding with her alchemy experiments, does this mean Kate’s become the first Chimera-A with magic in this universe? Or have there been other Animal-type Chimeras with magic?

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