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Tingle Toes

Tingle Toes published on 27 Comments on Tingle Toes
So Stephanie got Hue to set up an area for Phil to fight on his terms- but it seems for some reason it’s already failed to work. But why? Wouldn’t it revert to it’s original state or move? Alright! Finishing up a lot of the art for the book, other artists are finishing up their submissions or have already sent them to me, time for some more information! Please check for the new poll going up and please vote in it only once. What I need is a count of those who are planning to pre-order. As I explained before, pre-orders are going to be used to order all those ordered and the “profits” are used to just buy more books to be sold online to those who can’t preorder- and to be sold at cons. According to the current poll, more people want to buy the book without preordering than I can afford from the preorders. Basically- that means if everyone who says they are going to pre-order does- not everyone who wants to buy the book later will be able to. I just won’t be able to afford that many. If the numbers from the new poll are about the same, some people will not be able to get the book at all. I hope that is not the case! Later I will have a mockup of what the book will look like and maybe a few previews. I will definitely take pictures of the book when I get the sample one later next month- or early July!
  • Gregory Prytyka Jr.

    Pretty early with this comic, aren’t ya?

    And we’re back to the 2/3rd Sausage Fest. Aw well, it was nice while it lasted. =P

  • Bladist

    I like how Hue has changed compared to how he was initially. He seems a lot less high-strung compared to when Emi was bossing him around South America.

  • Bladist

    Actually, these revelations about how Phil’s power worked raises a new question in my mind: if Phil were to somehow get close to Josephus after he was revived by Life (but before he was strangled by Cain, obviously), would Joe just drop dead right there on account of being alive due to Life magic?

  • tigrrlynne

    May I suggest using Kickstarter to get the money to fund enough books for everyone?

    • I decided not to use Kickstarter because this anniversary book is basically for the fans, not the general public. It also needs to be done soon and it’s supposed to be a limited printing. Kickstarter requires a process to get approval and I don’t have time for it. They also don’t want to be used as a pre-order system, and that’s basically what would happen. Also, Kickstarter does take a percentage of the profits, and considering I am pricing this all for very little profit- I can’t afford that!

      • Kevin French

        Is Indiegogo the same way as Kickstarter? I know I prefer Indiegogo because payments are immediate and don’t go through a pain-in-the-ass payment service (glaring menacingly at Amazon) from the Skullgirls DLC run, but I don’t know how much of profit they get from it (which seems to be very little). 🙂

        • Pretty sure it’s the same. Also I love Amazon, it has made my kickstarter investments very pleasant and has provided me with low prices on great animated movies and trade paper backs as well as – pretty much everything 😛 Also generally even with their free shipping I seem to get everything delivered in under 3 days.

  • The Aussie Bloke

    Grrr. My response to the poll isn’t listed as an option. Definitely interested, but too broke to pre-order OR buy!

    • Preorders wont start being taken until late next month, there’s time to attempt to save up 😀

      • The Aussie Bloke

        Unemployed with bills to pay. Not really conducive to saving money :/

        • Maybe you will be lucky and get a job between now and then? Or find a suitcase full of money? 😀

          • The Aussie Bloke

            One can only hope.

  • destiny

    great now even stephanie is interested guess messing around with a nul and a earth magi can be fun in some ways.

  • Hannah

    Holy scene change Batman… I was waiting for more of the emotional conflict Nami’s experiencing over her feelings for Blue… but I guess this is, uhm, cool.. too… Oh well. -disappointed ground kick-

  • Malicante

    I got a question: If Hue used his magic to make the hole, and he then used magic to refil it, wouldn’t phil walking over it do exactly what it’s doing in the comic? Hue is really using magic to reverse/nullify the previous magic he cast on that area of ground. Earlier in the comic, when they went to hunt for the box that contained Lia’s power, they took the plane because Lia couldn’t poof Phil over, even though that would be considered beneficial magic, much like what this comic shows with hue filling the hole in. Then again the ground was originally solid, as it is now. What if they tested it with Hue filling a pit he DIDN’T make himself?

    Ok, shutting up now.

    • Hannah

      If there’s some part in this comic where it states (or better yet shows) that Phil is still susceptible to beneficial magic then please correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I’ve seen his abilities have been pretty constant and they just cancel everything. If they strictly applied to personally harmful spells after all, then I’d imagine he wouldn’t be barred from going near the orichalcum power supplies in the base, and the Null book’s magical aura wouldn’t be nullified around him. Etc etc etc. Now, following the assumption that Phil’s ability just cancels all magic altogether and I didn’t miss something major (like proof that I’m wrong), here’s the answers to your questions.

      Phil’s ability would cancel out all of the magic that was used, both to remove and restore the ground, so it would just return to the state it was normally in before Hue cast anything and.. yeah, basically your assumption was right.
      As for Hue filling in a pre-made hole, Phil would most likely just fall in (but not hurt himself from the impact of hitting the bottom) since the magic Hue used to fill it would have been cancelled.

      • patb

        portals, like axels and the others? it has been proven that some magic works for and around him

        • Hannah

          Maybe, but I don’t remember seeing anything affect him recently. Hrm, how long has it been since he traveled through Axel’s portals etc? I mean his powers have grown stronger/more sensitive over the course of the comic right?

          Following that it’s also entirely possible of course that as his powers evolve they’re adapting to recognize helpful magic and not automatically cancel it out, effectively making my theory about him nullifying out magic used to fill in an already existing pit wrong. Hrm… I shall have to wait for further character development before making another assessment.

    • The_Rippy_One

      That is what they are testing – Hue filled in a bunch of normal, non-magical pits with magical dirt on the supposition of instant pit traps for the Null. they aren’t working though, and Phil is aware of them, post failure.

  • Well, Phil’s magic is obviously sentient. More so than Serena and her fire magic. It seems Phil’s Null magic is independently self aware, and is trying to protect its host. It is a symbiotic relationship.

    • Jerden

      I’m going to agree with you, as it would make sense. A Null entity would explain the always positive effects, and also Phil’s invulnerability if it’s the Null entity protecting him. Of course, the question would be how it came into being. Maybe it’s just opposed to magic?
      Also, I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s more sentient, just more involved in events than the other magical beings.

  • ITR

    Maybe he’s like a postive null. Only nulls out the potentially bad stuff 😛

  • Aye-non-eee-moose

    …Hrm. It took me a few read-throughs to understand that they’d made a pit “normally”, then had Hue fill it, and finally had Phil walk on top of it. Maybe change “standing ON a pit” to “standing ABOVE a pit”?

  • Quin

    This is null magic. While it does cancel out magic it is by itself an extension of the already existing magic. No one questions how the hole was made because magic was used. Null magic just uses the magic used to reverse the situation because he didn’t want to fall in. If he wants magic to affect him it can, but it is more likely that most forms of magic will not be affected. (Yes magic is complicated. That is why we made science to replace it because we at least understand most of it.)

  • Mikael Brooks

    So, wait… Now we are making Avatar jokes?

  • Scruffy

    I don’t think the Null effect is sentient. More like adaptive in a certain, simplistic way. If Magic U would effect Phil directly, it is negated. If Magic X would effect Phil indirectly, proceed to “would negating the magic cause a direct effect on Phil.” if the answer is yes, proceed to answer Y – the magic remains and is stable. If the answer is no the magic is negated.

  • Noname

    Hypothesis: magic is required to keep the hole from un-holing (aka filling), but once Hue fills a normal hole gravity kicks in and no further magic is needed. And the tingle thing is… residual magic?

    Ok, this requires further analysis xD