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Blue always wants to try things where she can see girls with not much clothing.

Can you really blame her? I know I’d be there if I knew they were there.
That’s why I took the dance class in gym during high school.
… too bad every girl that was there, was just trying to avoid doing work during gym class.
… and they all wore baggy clothing and sweatpants. T-T

I’ve actually been wondering, why is blue a lesbian in the first place? I guess it’s just curiosity to want to know “why?”.

O_o? Do you wonder why Phil is straight?

I think he was referring to your design choice for Blue, kinda like “what was it that made you decide to have her as a lesbian character?” sort of question.

actually I’m curious what made you pick her in particular rather than say nami or one of the other robot girls.

I don’t get why someone would ask why a character is straight, so why should someone ask why a character is a lesbian or gay? Blue is a lesbian because she is. She always has been and always will be. Also Nami doesn’t know what she is, but from how she’s dealt with things so far- you might actually be able to say she might be bisexual. She admits to being attracted to Phil at some point, and though she hate’s to admit it she is attracted to Blue (and Michelle if I didn’t make that clear XD). That said, there is some more information about Blue in the forum under the Character forum. I highly recommend joining the forum and asking the characters directly any questions you may have about them or the world of Yosh! You might even find some questions have been answered already too! (Also it’s fun to have questions answered in Character 😀 )

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