• ThatRandomNewt

    Oh goodness. What was her reason I wonder?

    • http://tarnish.me Tarnix

      EDIT: Well, according to http://yosh.katbox.net/comic/sleep-aid/ , there is nothing they would have to satisfy Blue’s questions, unless the missing clothes hints at something else… I can’t find which slide it was on, but Kate did agree that there would be some occasions where she would consider playing around. That might be one of those

      • DudeHack

        More likely just a side effect of Michelle being able to change her temperature and kate getting close. Also kate panics and then makes excuses. Phil will buy that, blue will not play along :-) Go Blue!

      • Jorge L. Carreras Jr.

        It’s in the bonus comic when Blue is glomping Kate on Ghost Island.

    • alex_longfur

      *snrk!* Not a clue.

  • Psychowolf

    Haha Phil’s in pain! I’m happy now!

  • Zoie Falcona

    Poor Phil! There is no reason to abuse him, Blue. You won’t find out the juicy stuff that way

    • Michael Halpern

      I believe it was Kate that kicked.him…

  • zophah

    Wait a minute… Phil is the Null. How is he in pain?

    • Jorge L. Carreras Jr.

      Kate knows EXACTLY how to hit him so he’ll feel it.

      • Dracoson

        What woman doesn’t know that trick?

    • Matthew Krawczun

      Phil’s pain seems almost psychosomatic in nature, he feels pain when he knows he should feel pain or if it fits what’s happing with he’s friends.

    • Dorje

      Pain is an important evolutionary danger sense tool. We know the Null-Power is highly subjective in how it reacts to magic. Why wouldn’t it let him feel pain to a point that isn’t overwhelming or crippling? Just because he’s immune to fire doesn’t mean his Nullnes stops him from feeling tempature chage.

      Different tack, pain =/= pressure, even if he doesn’t actually feel pain he’d feel the impact, and a lifetime of anime/manage would have taught him how to react 😛

    • Darkstarr

      I was about to reply that he obviously can still feel pain, but several others beat me to the punch… or kick, in this case. >^_^<

    • Psychowolf

      He doesn’t get hurt. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t feel pain.

  • Jorge L. Carreras Jr.

    Oh Phil. Open mouth insert foot.

  • Night-X

    Somehow he can handle a zombie ghost looking monster but he can’t handle a little kick. Now I’m lost???

    • http://yosh.katbox.net/ Sage

      The lich didn’t kick him… 😛

      He still feels physical pain, he’s just immune to any permanent injury from it. Besides, it’s not like he was expecting it or hurt badly by it.

      • Gravedigger


        • Tsuki_Ouji

          For example: when Penpen would do the “good morning” headshot, it would probably leave a temporary mark, but it wouldn’t even break Phil’s skin.

          • Gravedigger

            I was agreeing with him

  • http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/User:Jerden Jerden

    I’m sure there’s a perfectly innocent reason.
    I just can’t think of one.

  • http://gamingnorge.weebly.com/ GamingNorge

    This comic is good.. need more “b00bs” lol :p – Joke joke..

    • Gravedigger

      any more boobs and we’ll all die of blood loss

      • Tsuki_Ouji

        We should read this webcomic at a blood drive.

        • Gravedigger

          hold the phone, you might be on to something

  • Sandman366

    Will Phil ever learn that he can ask a question without giving away all the details to someone like Blue?

    On the one hand, I hope he does, because that must hurt. (That and…why doesn’t Kate hurt from damaging the indestructible?) On the other..this is so much funnier, I hope he doesn’t. (And so I feel a bit horrible….and not just from the laughing.)

  • Shinigami65

    Aww,seems like Kate and Michelle have a little fun night without Phil

  • Gravedigger

    Roland* turns to Kate*: she smells blood
    R.J.*turns to Phil*: DONT GO INTO THE LONG GRASS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tsuki_Ouji

    Seriously? Nobody’s commented on the wonderful view of Blue’s derriere?