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  • Eltharrion

    It is a lot better than out of nowhere “let’s go to beach and focus 20 minutes on showing girls in pornographic angles in bikinis!” episodes on anime for no reason.

  • ZRO4825

    Ya know, I was just thinking not too long ago that we hadn’t seen Serena in a while. I’d forgotten she was actually there in the complex. Apparently I need another re-read of everything. >_<; lol

  • Psychowolf

    I wonder if Serena’s been swimming since she became the Magus of fire. Are her new powers gonna react to the water or something?

    • SmokeSkid

      Why do I get the feeling she’s going to try and dive only to float.

  • Michael Halpern

    So is she going to boil the water?

  • Tinchen

    ty for the bikini pre-page

  • Draffle

    Girls who can kick your ass is always a good reason to draw anything.