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Sick Day 2017

Sick Day 2017 published on 17 Comments on Sick Day 2017
Sick days, they happen even to Sage, it’s rare a comic is missed, even rarer that nothing go up at all! So here is a filler! Special thanks to TwoKinds for doing this filler with no notice at all, you rock Tom!
  • coredumperror


  • Psyche

    I thought the art style looked familiar. I love TwoKinds!

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    nice. Get well soon !

  • Thats.. GUD /)

  • nobodyy23

    tom’s art has come a long way since the old days. so has sage’s as they say, “practice makes better.”
    (perfection is unattainable, since if you think you have obtained it. you’ve lost it)

    also. not complaining. just being snarky. but Kate seems to have been skipping her “water” lately. still very attractive.

    has a very nice Kate/Maren fusion feel to it.

  • Inaki

    Get well soon! best wishes!
    Sick days happens, and whoever says you have not earned it is obviously VERY new around here.

  • The_Ninjaneer

    I want to be sick too ;-;

  • Sleel

    I’d stay ‘sick’ forever if I had two nurses like that.

  • I’m seeing no signs of panties, I really don’t think Sage is gonna get any better.

  • ZRO4825

    Feel better, Sage. Also, thanks Tom! ^_^

  • Shadowkey392

    Lucky guy. You get sick, and you get two sexy cat girls wearing sexy uniforms and taking care of you! I wanna get sick in your world!

  • Zafnak

    Can’t really blame you…. 🙂 Get well soon!

  • tych

    feel better soon but not too soon from the looks of your nurses sage enjoy the rest

  • asebw


  • CazzT

    If those were my nurses, I would have a permanent illness.

  • Kitirena Koneko

    Needs Kaylin from AI to complete the set. Other than that, perfection.

    And now I get to curse being a catgirl, because I’m only susceptible to diseases that both two-leggers and kitties can catch, nyao. (I’m too human for kitty diseases to affect, and too kitty for human germs, it seems.) Pity, because with nurses like that… -_^

  • cy414

    with those two he might just fake it for a while.