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Nekocon 2012!

Nekocon 2012! published on 21 Comments on Nekocon 2012!
Hey everyone! The team is off to Nekocon today!  Ron (Caribbean Blue), Tom (2kinds), Danny (Draconia Chronicles), and other Tom (Long time friend of mine whom helps me so much every year and then some!) will all be at Nekocon in Hampton, Virginia this weekend!  We’ll be doing all sorts of stuff including trying to make people buy stuff!  😀 So if you are going to the con hop on by the artist alley! Some of you may be wondering why Kate isn’t in the filler and instead we have a sexy cheetah gal with long beautiful blond hair.  You probably saw her in the recent Halloween comic (IF you came here looking for the continuation of the Halloween story because you missed it from Wed-Thursday – just click here or click to go back one comic!)  Mihari is our sexy cheetah gal and the official mascot of the Katbox.  She’s one of the admins for the site and all around super tech guru in addition to her being a wonderful gal that helps us all in so many ways.  Since this comic is really about the artists going to Nekocon, I thought she would be a more appropriate character.  Also, since my comic doesn’t really contain full anthro’s it’s difficult to include the Mihari character into my story even as a background character ^_^ So expect her in fillers when it’s not really comic specific though dont be surprised to see picture of her with comic characters XD Anywho! Love ya Mihari! We will be back soon and I will message ya when we get there and have things set up. Monday will not be a comic but rather a quick con report with pictures!  Comic resumes WEDNESDAY!