• Cameron Freeman

    I wonder… have you seen the Mythic Lich in the Mythic Adventures book? It’s amazing! Terrifyingly so, I mean. Nearly indestructible. I mean that in the sense of its phylactery. I hope, of course, that he doesn’t have the bad luck to run into one (lies), but I suspect as much. Or maybe one of the spellcasters. Aren’t there a life/death pair? Those would be likely necromancers.

    • Darkoh Grubb

      as the life/death twins, though this is up to Sage, I think your close but nit right about there powers being necromancy, while it does deal with death, it revolves around reversing it into an imitation of life. this is my opinion though and I maybe wrong (in regards to this world), if only magic was a reality. no scratch that…

      • Cameron Freeman

        Why? Don’s want to start the Tevinter?

        • Darkoh Grubb

          I’m just thinking the amount of idiots that could end up with magic and abuse it, it’s a force unlike anything we know, and if people gained that power, well. they could destory us, or the normal people will destroy them out of fear…

  • Rory Wilkins

    Phil pulls a Quincy. Oh yeah~

  • Mike

    A piece of obsidian, worth 50gp per HD of the animated creature! Or something like that.

    • http://yosh.katbox.net/ Sage

      Onyx gem. *flails arms and somersaults into bed*

      • Eltharrion

        I almost guessed “burn-out soulstone”.

  • Dracone Ignis

    Gotta love the goggles changing colors for different settings.

  • Tallon-1

    There is a form of naturally occurring undead, but not with humans or evil spirits. Its a fungus that turns ants into living dead until the walked over a spoth where the fungus can grow further, then it finally lets the antbody stop and rot to death whyle it sends out spores to infect other ants.

    ;-; sorry for whiseassing ,the nerd in me spoke

    • Valahuir

      Ah the Codyacepts, Brutal. if a strain of that ever evolves that could affect humans it could probably wipe up out in very little time considering how much humans travel.

      And I see your nerd talk and raise you Pokemon.
      Paras and paracect if you read their early pokedex entry’s are basically infected with it. The short version is that by the time Paras evolves into Parascect the fungus has completely taken over the bug and it’s nothing but a fungus zombie.

      If you read the pokedex entries the Pokemon world is a horrible place, but that’s enough destroying peoples childhood memories for one day.

      • Tallon-1
      • anonynon

        Zombie mushrooms, and still not even close to being the worst thing you can have combined with nintendo products.

      • http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/User:Jerden Jerden

        Don’t worry, there’s probably no way that it could jump from ants to humans!
        Anyway, even if it did, it would just cause you to head to areas suitable for fungal growth, so less “zombie apocalypse”, more “don’t head into the celler, daddy got infected and calmly died down there”. Although that’s probably not very reassuring.

        • Tallon-1

          —->The last of us

    • http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/User:Jerden Jerden

      The ant’s not technically undead, just infected. The fungi is a disease/parasite that alters behaviour to spread itself. Rather like toxoplasma gondii (which makes rodents less fearful of cats, in order to infect the cats that eat the rodents), the jewel wasp (which puts cockroach into a coma and then buries it with eggs inside to keep the cockroach fresh as its larvae devour its insides) and the delightful Strepsiptera, which enter a host, cause the growth of a protective bag from the hosts own flesh, and may also alter the hosts behaviour to allow the parasite to reproduce more effectively.
      (BTW, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Behavior-altering_parasites_and_parasitoids)

      Anyone else thinking “Horror movie adaptions”? Some of these make the Alien seem merciful.
      Anyway, it’s really just one of those modern non-undead zombies. Fortunately for humanity, even nature has not yet figured out a way to animate corpses in a twisted mockery of life. THAT WE KNOW OF.
      But I’m sure that some scientists are researching it.

  • Tallon-1

    *forgot to add ant between the and walked ( sorry its 2:20 while I post this)

  • Sandman366

    I want to find an example now of naturally occurring undead just to mess with your comic comment. Probably wouldn’t get anywhere, but that’d be hilarious.

    • Xsanguine8

      Naturally occurring undead are born of the lands overwhelming decay, either as a spectral concentration of anti-life or as any other life spawning from filth and decay. they wouldn’t have any thing on them, at least recognizable as anything else, kinda like how bologna is just ground up whatever was lying around.

      • Sandman366

        I’m talking in real life. I seriously doubt examples exist, but for the sake of funny, having examples would be cool.