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Inappropriate Dice

Yosh! 10th Anniversary Book

No one should be surprised by Blue having such dice. Those who don’t know what said dice probably say may be too young. Though funny enough I think they were on *checks sources via interweb* Bob’s Burgers. Which is a show that has grown on me, the kids are hilarious. Annnnywho! The game is coming up! No more depressing beating up of a little girls psyche!

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
  • UmbrotheUmbreon

    Good sir, I am 24 and still, don’t know what those dice say. One can only imagine very naughty things though. *waits for the hatemail* :3

    • The_One_Guy

      I have no clue what the dice are supposed to be either, and I’m just one year younger than you…

      • lunaroki

        I’m 43 and I haven’t got a clue. Assuming that everyone over a certain age knows something is a bad bet in my experience.

        • Phillip Duda

          29 and no clue here either. I could assuredly Google it… but meh.

          • Sage

            This line of comments is great XD
            Still not saying but it’s well within all of your abilities (and ages) to find out. ;P

            Edit – Oh, actually if you want, head to the forum for the post on this comic. Nixie was kind enough to find a rather “work safe” picture of a set of similar dice.

          • Phillip Duda

            But I’m still in the appreciating not knowing phase.

          • Sandman366

            Much like the original Noodle Incident, imagination would likely make for more interesting results than what actually happened. (Which, funny enough, was never written – they knew they could never come up with anything better than their community could.)

            So yeah, sorry to say that the “work safe” version is definitely more boring than what I was trying to think of for it. (Which I’m having trouble remembering now, which is probably for the better. I still can’t find brain bleach, don’t want to need to add brain soap to my list…)

          • MysticJanus

            No Blue! Not THOSE d6’s! Bad, bad, bad! Maybe for after the game. X3
            And no, I didn’t even have to look at the forum to know which dice Blue had in mind. ;p

          • young believer in the power of

            at 15, body parts and actions. actions like fondle, and body parts like nipple. believe me, it’s funnier than hell to watch a player walk up with dice and use one of those when they meant to use a regular d6, even better when you mistake it for a different action die.

          • BloodDragon95

            18 and I get it

  • Dracone Ignis

    aww, that slight blush.

  • The Aristocrat

    ah, those are sex dice i presume, one has a body part on it and the 2nd one has ….actions, lets leave it at that 😛
    PS: i for example am 18, how the hell don’t you guys know this stuff? o.0

    • Eltharrion

      Well, I (age 22) only know because I’ve read about 6 webcomic pages making fun of those things… They don’t really sell them that well. I mean, if you’d want to get a set around in Finland, you’d need to order it via web. Not a single +18 shop I’ve visited had them.

      • The Aussie Bloke

        I’ve seen them at my local Gametraders <_<

      • Barrage7667

        I have said dice.

  • Dorje

    The things you can pick up at conventions, and I’m sure Blue knows where to look for them. Now… is it only a pair or a whole set? *Blue Leer*

    • DeepSouthOtaku

      its a whole set presumably. or at least 2 6 sided and one 12 sided one

  • Kindle_kat

    I thought is was one for each person. And each side had a part of of each person’s anatomy. It made sense in my mind

  • Jorge L. Carreras Jr.

    Naughty dice come in all shapes and sizes. We need just a wee bit more in terms of specifics before we KNOW what’s on them. Blue being Blue, they could be anything.

  • Hfar

    We interupt your usual broadcast for NSFW dice.

    • MysticJanus

      Why Hfar, do you plan on borrowing them from Blue? ;p

      • Hfar

        Probably, since the ERP stores in my neighborhood rarely offer such items on sale. I mean, is a package deal really so much to ask for?

  • Night-X

    I’ll allow those dices in my game.

    • Eltharrion

      “dice”. Die/dice has no plural.

      And how’d they work, anyway?
      -“roll for Reflex save”
      -“My roll says ‘inner tight’. Is that high enough?”

      • Sage

        “Sorry, you needed chest or above to save.”

        • Night-X

          What happen if get below the chest?

          • Phillip Duda

            We shall consult the roll chart!
            You need to roll again to confirm positive results.

          • Night-X

            Do I get better things if roll again?

      • Sailorleo

        Actually, dice _is_ the plural. Die is the singular form, but it’s falling out of common usage, similar to data/datum.

        • Sandman366

          Die is probably only falling out of common usage because everyone uses more than one anyway.

          Datum, though, just sounds weird. (Wouldn’t typo that anytime soon on anything for work – dayum! :) Wonder if that’s why it’s not used much anymore, everybody hitting y instead of t…)

      • themunck

        Funnily enough, xkcd has actually answered this:


  • Snowskeeper

    This is why “Bring Your Die to Work Day” never goes well. =( Depending on your definition of well, I suppose.