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Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017 published on 19 Comments on Halloween 2017
Happy Halloween… Tomorrow. Have fun! Stay safe! I’m almost done with Stranger Things season 2! 😀 I draw the girls all the time for Halloween so here’s a twist. If you don’t know the character, I suggest watching Konosuba. Later! Ooooh this episode is called “The Mind Flayer”! My favorite!
  • Henry Cannon

    If Phil wasn’t immune to getting magically turned into a girl, that could happen to him and we might not notice for a bit, since he’s that girly. Like Tedd from EGS

    • Aisk

      Pity that Dan went and said the TF gun is affected by magic resistance
      Imagine the possibilities

      • zophah

        Imagine an EGS/Yosh crossover!

      • Matthew Krawczun

        I’m sure all of us would love a lesbian make-out session between Phil and Kate

        • Kitirena Koneko

          I’m holding out for a foursome between girl!Phil, Kate, Blue, and Grace, myself. Yuri is love, yuri is life, nyao! ^_^

    • pls no gender bender.. Ive seen enough.. to see where that leads..

      • cy414

        yea, used to be funny. now its just another worn cliche.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing


  • SmokeSkid

    Well it is terrifying in a way.

  • Kitirena Koneko

    Now I wanna see Kate’s costume, nyao!

    Of course, some time it might be fun to see a Yosh/Artifcial Incident “crossover” with characters from Yosh cosplaying as AI chara and vice versa… (Maybe as an Aril Fool’s day joke?)

    • You could look at last year’s Halloween Filler.

      • Kitirena Koneko

        You’re right… forgot about that. Now you need to have Kaylin and Nyna dress up as Kate and Blue to complete the joke!

  • tych

    we need more picks of phil dressing up in costumes

    • Kitirena Koneko

      I vote we dress him up as Lekho Habhoka from Final Fantasy 11 sometime, nyao! (He’s the only male Mithra we ever see in-game, which is why I voted for him.)

  • Hevensdragon

    You would love a ilthid

    • That’s a kinda confusing statement because Illithids are Mindflayers.

      • Hevensdragon

        oh man i butchered the spelling. thats what i get for commenting so late at night while exhausted from trying to keep up with 6 nieces on sugar rushes. but yes i was saying you would love illithids.

        • But still the comment is odd. It is like if I said “I like cats.” and you replied “Then you would like felines” XD

          • Hevensdragon

            ah. so most dnd players fear the mention of a illthid but your wording expressed excitement. I guess I was calling you weird… sorry I guess.