• Dracone Ignis

    Phil is way too bishonen when his glasses are off. they act as Bishi repressors.

  • Mr. Al

    Always nice with moar Michelle. Although I still wish Toyoko would get more panel-time :3

    • Radar

      some of the older characters just get on screen often enough

    • Sage

      It’s a big cast and I prefer to focus on one or two stories going on at once with only minor interruptions to start setting up stories to come! There will definitely be more Toyoko eventually (as well as more Rieko, Miyo, Ninja’s and Penpen naturally)!

  • Feartheswans


    I too hold the fear of poking my eye out with contacts. Yet with contacts, you can create the illusion of falling to the darkside. Do it for your inner Sith Lord!

    -a fan

    • Radar

      coolest letter eve3r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://johnlp.weebly.com/ JohnLP17

    rather want glasses tha shit in my eye -.-

    • Radar

      RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • young believer in the power of

      seconded, they also can act as safety glass round the clock, and some people say that it helps put you at one remove from the rest of the world. I haven’t noticed being anymore removed from the world, but they are more comfortable then most safety glasses, though i do kind of want to see what people would say if you actually used the mirrored lens for constant wear.

  • AnonAnon

    I remember when my brother got contacts, they literally had him poke his eye as practice. No thanks.

  • EvilNinjadude

    Phil has an irrational fear of Eye injury… in fact, he’s the only one capable of having that fear and having it be called “irrational”.

    • Jorge L. Carreras Jr.

      Even if he’s NighInvulnreable, he can still get an infection. He HAS been down with the flu at least once.

      • Radar

        if the pencil punctures his brain does it kill Phil???????

        • Snowskeeper

          Yes. Assuming it punctures the brain. Blood is toxic to the brain, so…

          • Radar

            how do you know that???

          • Snowskeeper

            I took grade 11 biology and grade 12 psychology.

          • Radar

            ive taken them too

          • Snowskeeper

            Then you know.
            Alright, so maybe you weren’t referring to the blood is toxic thing. In that case: if the pencil has punctured his brain, he is vulnerable to it; therefore his brain is probably vulnerable to the effect his own blood will have on it. In fact, even if the pencil hadn’t worked his blood would still be toxic to his brain, because otherwise it wouldn’t be able to supply his brain with nutrients and he’d die anyway.

          • Radar


  • Snowskeeper

    At least it’s not a pencil.

    • DeepSouthOtaku

      Joker says “Now you see it,[slams thugs head into table that has upright pencil] now you don’t!”

      • Radar

        that is hilarious, but he wishes it was batman

      • Snowskeeper

        *The thug is miffed by this experience* *He is also dead, so his opinion on the matter is irrelevant, but all the same*

  • Zero

    I was expecting something evil to happen in the last panel

    • Radar

      same here

    • Snowskeeper

      It did. To see it, though, you need to print the page off, expose it to ultraviolet light and put it through an MRI.

      Don’t ask me how we found that out; just know that we’re an exorcist, and that this website is slightly haunted.

  • Kevin French

    I know this is mildly off-topic (points at Shantae dancing), but WayForward is making a new Wonder Momo game (and is producing the new anime webseries too!) I don’t know if anyone else here reads anything at Shifty Look, but I do recommend it :)

    • Tiferion

      I read it and enjoy it. Thank you for spreading that info.

  • ryan

    Invincible body, afraid of contacts.

  • Tomas Sabalas

    I’m sure Shiden will do something about Phils eyesight, he just need to ask!

    • Valkana

      Because being afraid to stick something in his eye couldn’t possibly be scarier than using lasers on them

  • http://Twitter.com/Draven_Long Draven

    I agree with Phil’s reluctance toward contacts, but I understand his ulterior reasoning and relate with it as well.

  • DeepSouthOtaku

    glasses are just moar convini ya.

  • madmann135

    I remember researching contacts a while ago, the practice for putting them in was enough for me to never want to try them.
    I wear glasses because I am afraid of contacts.

  • Snowskeeper

    He could always try laser eye surgery, though.

  • UmbrotheUmbreon

    If Phil had tits in that last panel you’d never know there was a penis down below 😀