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So, what she needs is an IFF Transponder augmentation a la the Deus Ex series. If they can make androids who are for all intents and purposes manufactured humans, then why couldn’t you make augmentations?

Inasmuch, Kate’s reaction is highly amusing yet appropriate.

I don’t know the Deus Ex series, but the difference is that the android girls have a body that is all magitech and completely non-biological. Interfacing electronics with a biological body, and especially with something as complex the human brain, is a completely different technology – and is made even harder if you have to make it easily useable by the concious mind owning that brain.

And even if he could make it, are you so sure that Kate would want to have it implanted? Especially since it’d basically be experimental technology not even approved by the medical authorities… (I also think the other side would have to have them too, which is even less likely, but I suppose that might be circumventable by using magic instead of actual IFF style transponders.)

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