7 Comments on Family Issues, Part 5

Family Issues, Part 5

Yosh! 10th Anniversary Book

Welcome back everyone! If you didn’t notice, the Yosh! Island Adventure bonus comic was updated twice last week! Numbers 19 and 20! Hopefully I’ll have 1 to 2 updates on that for the next couple weeks so keep an eye out. Or use twitter or bookface. Enjoy!

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
  • Tiferion

    Fireworks make everything better.

  • Michael Halpern

    she hates it because she loves it and doesn’t understand why, to her (power) the only way to be happy should be impressing the family and yet this is the exact opposite it contradicts everything she has known for hundreds of years yet it also teaches her the truth she’s been hiding from during that time she wants to deny it but now for the first time she cant so she felt the need to destroy it, Very common in human history, that sort of thing, for instance the church v Galileo, the pre-revolution Boston massacre trials (king denied that colonial courts could judge fairly and gave the troops a heavier punishment then what the colonial courts would have given him), the MLK and JFK assassinations, the attempts on the lives of the little rock 9, Kent State shooting, lynchings and regrettably LOADS more..

    As humans more often then not when something doesn’t coincide with our systems of belief we attempt to destroy it through whatever means available

  • Sandman366

    Suddenly, kimono.

    And why such hate for fireworks? Does Power have epilepsy or something? (That’d be awkward. Lightning with sensitivity to flashing lights.)

  • Shade

    For some weird reason, I think Emi looks a lot like Nami in that last panel. I also think she looks rather good in that kimono, but then I’m not sure how anyone wouldn’t look good in a good kimono.

    Not sure if anyone else is like this, but seeing fictional characters as happy and peaceful as Emi is now gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. It doesn’t happen enough.

  • ThatRandomNewt

    I couldn’t help but D’aww…

  • anony

    Does she have photographic memory, or is this just magic filling in the details? I went to see the fireworks less than a month ago and already can’t remember much about it except the big crowd and such.

    • Luke

      What she would remember is not what she actually saw: she just remembers that the event occured, and that there are positive feelings associated with it. Minor details like *what actually happened* are more-or-less made up by the brain as it is recalled, based on various fireworks that she has experienced throughout her life. This is one of the reasons witness testimony can be unreliable: people remember what they thinkn should habe happened, not necessarily what actually happened.