• Eltharrion

    Well, Sage was right, I didn’t hit the mark but I got my shot at the board.

    Nice use of psychology here.

    • Sage

      You do know that I write the comic right? Of course I was right! XD

      • Eltharrion

        I want to create an illusion that you’re a mere mortal like rest of us.

        Makes talking to you way less awkward.

        • Phillip Duda

          You could try not caring about authority.
          Easier to get along with a boss/police officer if you treat them like a normal person just doing their job.

          • Eltharrion

            I think it’s bit different here since I’ve admitted openly that Sage here surpasses my artistical creation skills at least thousand times over, and consider him “superior” out of sheer respect of skill.
            That is a bit different than having obligation to listen and follow orders of someone due to a contract or law, no matter how good they are.

          • Phillip Duda

            I cannot even draw stick figures properly.
            Doesn’t make me feel like an inferior person.
            There are plenty of other things I do well.

            I’m sure you’ll one day draw well enough to please yourself if you practice!

          • Eltharrion

            I don’t use word inferior ’cause I’m not dropping my own level of existence.
            I’m just admitting Sage is way better drawer than me and that has earned my complete respect and admiring at this point in history where my drawing skills still lack too much.

  • Jorge L. Carreras Jr.

    Ouch! Now THAT’S abuse with a capital A. Seriously.

  • Sandman366

    I think there’s just one thing here I don’t get. (Not entirely sure why the Waters spy on the other families, but they’ve got scrying, they’re illusionists….maybe they’re a bit nosy. Whatever. Not the really confusing bit for me here.)

    “That’s why I go ‘there’?” (What/where?)
    (Or is that to be explained in the next page?)

    And hey, you shouldn’t discredit a good bit of story. Think I started Yosh because it was odd and funny. Big reason I stayed was the….rather interesting story, actually. (On a bit of a random callback note, the very first comic has a catgirl, a talking penguin obsessed with jello, and jello being made with Pespi. Only one of those things was never explained. And hey, who cares about that anyway? Because the rest of that WAS explained! And in the meantime you made quite a version of Earth! (One I probably wouldn’t mind living in, actually. Not too much anyway.))
    (I’m probably like, one of four people who’s kinda hoping we get more story sooner rather than later, aren’t I….it’s not that I MIND the fanservice, and it’s not like I don’t enjoy quick, pointless, silly comedy, but…I do enjoy a good, well-thought story. Like Yosh is (or…if you consider how it started, how it turned out to be.))

  • Shade

    Probably just stating the obvious but…….these Magi families are messed up! Seriously, the Power family inflicts emotional abuse on both their children and their elemental (which I suppose I could sort of forgive on the second part, because they probably didn’t KNOW the elemental was sentient, but knowing them they’d do it anyways). Given how manipulative the previous Fire Magi was I’m pretty sure the Fire family is just as bad. Haven’t seen much of the Water and Earth families, but I have the distinct feeling that they’re history isn’t all sunshine and rainbows either. Do I even want to know about Life and Death? (Of course I do. This story is awesome.)