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Easter 2017

Easter 2017 published on 13 Comments on Easter 2017
As usual, took the holiday to relax a bit- sorta. Actually Sunday was not only Easter but my mother’s birthday and we had a join celebration for my 3 Nephews Birthdays as well (as they are all pretty close together in general). So I spent a lot of time with the family. Still, Fun picture to draw ^_^
  • Alexander

    Oh Nami….Always falling for Blues traps…….It will never end!

    • Kitirena Koneko

      Well, considering how cute and kinky Blue is, I’d fall for her traps too, nyao!

  • ZRO4825

    omg this is beyond adorable…sexy too, but oh so damned adorable, lol

    • Gravedigger

      it doesn’t get any cuter

  • coredumperror

    FanTAStic! Grumpy Bunny Nami is Best Bunny!

  • DudeHack

    I love the fact that she did this for blue. She is opening u

  • SmokeSkid

    Try telling that to Deadpool.

  • Aeronator Williams

    Nami is so kawaii when she’s grumpy~ Especially in a bunny outfit~!

  • asebw

    The 4th wall is also a fragile thing. Once it goes, things are never truly the same.

  • Joshua Petersen

    To be fair, that -is- a more traditional Easter outfit. Easter was originally the holiday celebrating the germanic fertility goddess Eostre (pronounced Easter). That’s why the bunnies and eggs, it’s celebrating sex & babies. So a sexy bunny outfit is -very- much an easter bunny outfit. Just when the roman catholics took over germanic pagan lands, they hijacked the holiday and toned down the sexual aspects of it.(The Roman Catholics were such prudes!)

    • Gravedigger

      you have ruined and made easter better at the same time

  • Facade Kitsune

    what? no outside is public the only one damaging the forth wall is the person mentioning it

  • Kitirena Koneko

    Every time I see how much Blue and I are alike in too many ways, I wonder if the two of us weren’t separated at birth…