• DezRaffy

    Oh that aint good

  • SFF

    Oh lawd. XD

  • Leandro

    Miles: “Sarah, what does the scouter say about Mora’s anger level?”
    *Sarah removes the scouter and crushes it with her paws*

    • kmsr

      Quickly, We need the High Prime!

      • Leandro

        Super bovine powwa!

        • ReyJJJ


    • Mr. E

      E: “WHAT!? NINE THOUSND!?”

      • fwtrump

        WHAT THERE’S NO WAY THAT CAN BE RIGHT!? I mean really, it can’t… the scale is hard coded to go from -100 to +100. Alright, who is the programming idiot who used an int instead of a char and why the hell was there no error checks incase of values outside of the accepted bounds?

        • IG

          Must have been an intern.

          • Regord

            You don’t pay me for a reason!

  • Luigi Man7

    hahahahahahahaahahaha!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • Gravedigger

      I didn’t quite catch that

  • Fluff-Kevlar


  • Bambi

    *mouth drops open* why would you lie to mora…it’s not like you :c

    • BlackWind

      it’s not exactly a Lie Geecku is a Cousin to Minos because they are both Crests so not related by blood but by title (tho that is their secret)

      • kuriboh

        Where are you getting this info?
        Is their some kind of expanded universe that I don’t know about
        Because I get pissed off enough when people bring that up with star wars

        • ThatOneComment

          Bonus Comics section. I think.

        • nupanick

          I don’t think Chalo’s ever spelled out how the “Crests” work, but if you follow the bonus materials, there’s clearly some sort of secret society of which Minos and Geecku are both members. It’s never come up before because they’ve never been in the same place at the same time.

          • BlackWind

            Exactly there is a page which shows all the crests and how some are acquainted to one another of sorts

        • BlackWind

          Look up the crests page in the gallery section!

  • Max Girard

    And the streak of pages with nipple ends at……


    …Am I alone to be quite sad?

    • Silvador


      • Max Girard

        Thank you…-sniff- lol.

    • Spoiling everyone’s good time

      But there weren’t any nipples in the last one. In fact, considering she’s a lizard I don’t think it’s even possible for her to have them.

      • Leandro

        There were, pannel 3

        • Sometimes I’m wrong

          Hmm. So they were. I guess I never noticed them because I assumed her arm would have been covering them, but yes! There are indeed little pink nubs hanging there.

          Still think it’s weird on a cold blooded creature, but whatevs, this is a setting were Mora is the product of, what, a buff rabbit man and a cow lady?

          That meandering thought going forward, I like the bunnycow.

          • Leandro

            Bunny cow is indeed nice, but i am more into a cabbit XD

      • Potato

        Oh ? Why not ?

  • Nighthawke

    Oh, LORDY! It’s been ages since I laughed this hard. XD

    Poor Minos, looks like he’s going to be sleeping on the couch tonight.

    • Leandro

      With Geeku XD

      • Nighthawke

        Then it might be in the doghouse for the two of them!

        • Leandro

          Going doggy style?!?! XDDDDDD

          • Nighthawke

            Damnit, quit making me spew my soda! XDDDDD

          • Leandro

            lol not my fault we are all incestuous XD

          • Gravedigger

            yes it is

    • A man can dream

      Thhhhhhreesome maybe?

      • Nighthawke

        PFFFFT! XDDD

    • Cameron Harrison

      He’ll be lucky if Mora doesn’t make him sleep in a grave!

    • Silvador

      I honestly don’t see why. He hasn’t done anything wrong. That being said, I don’t see why he’d feel he has to lie (assuming he is lying) about Geecku being his cousin. It’s not like Minos had a relationship with Geecku while he was with Mora, is it?

  • Elosan

    (Begins reading) Cousin?!

    (Reads last panel) COUSIN?!?! 0_o

    • Hfar

      “Special” cousins. XD

      • Gokudomatic

        Mora and Miles are also special cousins. Cousins for one night.

        • YonKami Tsujimoto

          XD Whaaat!?

  • Cameron Harrison

    Well I think we can all agree that Minos is officially a dead man now. Anyone wanna say some last few words before Mora kills him?

    • Delicious Minos Burgers

      Here’s hoping that when she eventually hits him so hard he’ll be shot over to the Dungeons & Dames comic that he’ll drop good loot.

      Or at the very least that there’ll be enough left for Taffy to make some burgers. :3

      • Gravedigger

        or steaks

        • I’m making myself hungry now

          If she kicks his ass hard enough, those rump steaks will be nice and tender.

          • Gravedigger

            rump roast

          • Gravedigger

            oh so tender

    • Gravedigger

      you gone done it now!!!!!

    • Potato

      Before Mora kills him ? Please. Mora is strong, but Minos is even stronger. Far far stronger than her.

  • Gravedigger

    geeku is diffidently right about one thing

  • Adam Carranco

    ok… i think geeku is implying that minos and mora are related. she might have tasted something familiar in the last page

    • Gravedigger

      no it sounds more like minos is lying and he has slept with Geeku

      • Resulli

        If that’s the intent that’s not how it sounds to me. What Geeku said in the last panel implies she was following their conversation and putting two and two together and seeing that both of them are bovines and that would make them more cousins than Minos and Geeku so she comments on how Mora and Minos are cousins and she can tell they sleep together.

        Minos’ reaction afterward can be taken as him realizing Mora will take that the wrong way and Mora’s reaction as her actually taking it the wrong way.

        The writing in the last panel is extremely awkward if it means the opposite of what I’m getting from it.

        • Gravedigger

          well when you put it that way I thinks it could be either way
          lets find out shall we??

        • Gravedigger

          or maybe shes following the conversation and has realized minos is saying that he nad geeku are cousins and have slept together
          and geeku just got there, how would she know minos and mora are sleeping together???

          • Resulli

            She would have denied that they are cousins then.

            And she would know because she has an extremely keen sense of smell and would probably be able to smell them on each other.

            So like I said, the last panel’s wording is crazy messed up as it can mean several things but it’s not clear exactly what it means. This shouldn’t be up for speculation but it is.

          • Gravedigger

            its a comic, theres no such thing as logic!!!

          • yungkillian

            truer words have never been spoken

          • Gravedigger

            im sure some have been, somewhere, sometime

    • marx

      thats what im thinking sense as far as we know minos has not slept with geeku but has with mora and also minos said ” my cousins ” not geeku

  • Peg

    ……..They’re related!?

    • Camlio

      I think Geeku actually is making a little joke because knowing that Minos is not her cousin and therefore poking fun at it.

  • antcow

    Heh, Geeku goes for the boobies, just like me :3

  • Jan Valentine

    quick to the hills, Nuclear Mora Strike inbound

  • Tk

    Talking peks discuss their issues to talking breasts.

  • Victor

    Oh, boy, this isn’t looking good for Minos…
    Everybody take cover cause Mora is about to go Super Bovine!

  • Dragonious

    I know the general consensus is that Minos is lying……but I can’t be the only one that suddenly see’s a bit of similarity between her and Minos do I? I mean those ears that Geecku has…..those sure aren’t reptilian, since most reptiles just have holes in the side of their head, they look more like Mora’s ears then Minos’ ears, but then, the fact that they look ANYTHING other then reptilian really makes me think that maybe Minos is telling the truth here?

    • rorick

      Well, considering both Minos and Geecku are Crests, if the gallery is canon, that could theoretically make them cousins. I don’t know if the Crests are related to one another though, so we’ll never know.

      • Silvador

        Actually, if Dragonious is onto something with the ears, that would make Minos and Geecku very distant cousins. And it is legal to have relations/marry cousins that are x number of times removed. So… who knows.

      • The_Rippy_One

        I assume they are family in the “Band of Brothers” sort of sense, too, both of them being Crests.

  • Toshiro Tushima

    Uh oh……..Better take cover, LL fans……

  • Guest

    In the great musical lyrics of Iron Maiden:
    “Run to the hills – run for your lives~”

  • Guest

    In the great musical lyrics of Iron Maiden:
    “Run to the hills – run for your lives”

  • Craig Smith

    Anyone else think ‘Ace Attorney’?

    • Nicole Kiki

      well Mino’s is gonna need an attorney to plead his case to Mora, then a medic when that fails.

  • wolfzero001

    This will not end well for bull dude. xD

  • william

    so, the new, nude character is minos’ cousin, eh? startling development, considering they aren’t even the same species. for my brain’s sake, i’m hoping one of them is adopted.

    • Leandro

      Well, you cant forget that Mora is a result of a rabbit mating with a cow…

    • Sepher

      Or, you know, Minos is totally bullshitting that bit.

    • Gravedigger

      for your brains sake, good luck, its too late for me!!!!

      • william

        hey, don’t worry about your own mental state, we’re all mad here.

        • Gravedigger

          DANGER, DANGER

  • Gravedigger

    I wonder why she calls him minnow????????

  • marx

    wait mora and minos are ..cousins?

    • marx

      and geeku?

    • Gravedigger

      no, minos is saying he and geeku are cousins

      • marx

        i know but minos slept with mora

        • Gravedigger

          we all know that, but Geeku says that cousins have slept together

  • Miko101

    Why is she adoreable and how is she someone Minos slept with?

    • Neku

      Because she’s Geecku, and because she’s a very charming reptile.

    • Nicole Kiki

      she has slept with everyone.

      • Gravedigger

        not me

        • Nicole Kiki

          that you know of…..

          • Gravedigger

            id know if that had happened

          • The_Rippy_One

            Well, there was that one time at Las Crucis…you were pretty out of it then. Chloroform shots are a terrible idea…

          • Gravedigger

            Gravedigger doesn’t drink, Gravedigger only hangs out at bars in case someone dies

          • Gravedigger

            Gravedigger does not drink, Gravedigger only hangs out at bars to dispose of the boss’s bodies

  • ShadowMan

    Can’t wait for more

  • Xanidos

    he better start running

  • bladra

    ok didnt see this coming

    • Gravedigger

      did anyone??

      • Florence

        I’d say anyone with a braincell saw this coming, several damn miles away.

        • Gravedigger

          saying a lot for yourself arnt ya

          • Florence

            Yeah, that I have braincells, and you don’t if you didn’t see this coming.

          • Gravedigger

            how could we have seen it coming, its really kind of an unexpected twist

          • Florence

            “Unexpected twist”? Oh please, this comic doesn’t even know the meaning of that phrase. All it can do is hit one cliche after another, and not even feel ashamed for using them.

  • angel81

    I hope we are back on track now. PLEASE GOD LET US BE BACK ON TRACK!

    • Gravedigger

      pray really hard angel-man we believe in you

  • tarkad

    Lol, this was a good way to start my day with a hearty laugh. And Geecku looks especially adorable in the last panel.

  • Neku

    Please let her keep this straight hair. It is so damn adorable and works so much better for her than her normally incredibly curly or poofy hair.

    • Sepher

      Afraid it’s just because it’s wet from her wrecking the faucet. Personally I love her big bushy hair.

  • Velen

    Uuuuh oh. Minos is in the doghouse now…

  • Anon

    He dead

  • Deathedge736

    Run, Minos, Run!

  • Deathedge736

    though he may not be able to run fast enough……

    • Gravedigger

      no one can run fast enough

  • Gravedigger

    second panel=HAPPY FACE

  • XenoSetter

    Geecku: I didn’t know you could sleep with your cousin.
    ……………………………………………………………….oh he is so dead.

  • LostGryphon

    My god, that last panel. @_@

    I wanna take her home with me and love her and squeeze her and hug her and name her…well, she already has a name, but the loving and the squeezing, George! The loving and the squeezing!

  • derpking

    soo im getting that “minnow” slept with geecku, is that right?

  • David Foxfire

    Minos is like me. A terrible liar.

  • Flame-LoneWolf

    Wow, seeing even Minos lose his stoic-ness is pretty fuckin’ great…

    • Gravedigger

      minos has an expression on his face?? this cant be good

  • http://barproductions.deviantart.com/ Blake Roten

    did geecku just call mora, minos’ cousin!?

  • AOC

    Whoa….Geecku? Minos’s cousin? I’ll be honest, I didn’t see that coming.

  • Tamarik


  • Nael


    • Gravedigger

      ill give you a proper burial

      can I keep the leg??

  • Chocothunda

    Minos, it was nice knowing ya XD

  • M.Mitchell Marmel

    Kissing cousins, eh? >:D

  • Jane Lon

    I’m done…
    *abandons this comics forever, disappointed*

  • kaelin

    dead minos walking

  • XEspadaX

    Sweet mother of mercy.

  • Ratz

    lol WTF.

  • Florence

    An just when you think this comic couldn’t get anymore predictable. Calling it now, next strip is gonna be how Minos and Gekku were supposed to be married, but Minos vanished. Because, sweet X-mas you can write this crap in your sleep.

    • Tatsurou

      Doesn’t fit Geeku’s character as described in her bio.
      More likely, Ambar’s been ‘babysitting’ her for a while, and decided that it might be interesting to drop her at Las Lindas, and thus declared that it was Minos’ turn to keep an eye on her. Thus the “your turn” note on the box she arrived in.

      • Florence

        You are seriously giving this comic credit? The comic that pulled off the dumb “Mah Daddy is an Evil Super Sajan!” twist, and the “Small farm wins against big corporation” cliche. This comic has been hitting every cliched note possible, and is just reveling in it. So, don’t try to act like it’s not gonna hit more cliches. Also, if I may point out, every person in this comic, has a personality of wood.

        • Chiatzu

          so why do you keep reading it then? Seriously you have been reading this since the “Small farm wins against big corporation” arc that means you have been reading LL for a while. So yes you are either stupid or love to be in pain. Either way you and the other guy who gave you a thumbs up… here is a word of advice… STOP READING THE COMIC IF YOU DONT LIKE IT OK? WILL PROBABLY MAKE YOUR LIFE A BIT BETTER.

          Or not your choice… here have some red hot peppers for you to rub it in your eyes, seems to me you enjoy doing that.

          • Florence

            Oh, nonononono. NO! Don’t pull that BS on me. Seriously, don’t you DARE use the “Well, if ya don’t like it. Then don’ read it” card. Not only is that a lame excuse. An frankly, I just wanna see how low can this comic go, I mean just how deep can it sink. The “Evil super sajan” daddy was quite a nice start, but I’m sure this comic can do better and just go all the way and end up it’s own ass or at the center of the goddamn planet.

  • S Wolf95.

    miles’ evil grin is hilarious. ps minos might not come out of this alive

    • Gravedigger

      let me know what happens

  • RandomRedneck

    I think Mora is about to turn Minos into a steer…

  • RKC

    I guess it’s safe to know that Geecku won’t hump Minos, Miles and Randal on the other hand…

  • FurryLover

    Geecku is so freaking cute with all the blushing and licking, i cant take the cuteness!

  • The Saprophyte

    Divergent branches, by a few million years.

  • bladra

    i think mora is going to blow

  • A loving fan

    The man was known as Minos. He was a good strong bull of a man and a Earth Crest. May his memory of Life, Love, and behind the bar exploits be remembered.
    I ask that a moment of silence be taken to admire all that he has done to this point.

  • kmsr

    This is just getting more and more fun. I await updates with gleeful abandon.

  • Cory Tenorio

    Well that’s it he’s dead.

  • shade

    Mayday, mayday! He’s hit, and he’s going down in flames!

    I bet Minos is regretting going with the “cousin” story now.

    And Miles, wipe that smirk off your face before Mora sees it, or she just may skin you alive.

  • The Name is Quack

    Cousins…? Cousins? COUSINS?
    …Didn’t see that coming. Also, I see one of the Bonus comics were replaced by Dungeons and Dames. Which comic was that and what happened to it?

  • Foxstar30

    Dun dun DUNN! Danger! Danger! Huge drama bomb locked and loaded, and FIRE!!! XD

    Plus, Minos! You got some explaining to do. 😉

  • Gravedigger

    im gonna have to dig a really frickin big grave now aint I???

    • Deadpool

      Yeah, bout 6-37 deep man…..

      • Gravedigger

        i might just fill it with concrete, ya know just in case

        • Deadpool

          I got some leftover obsidian, that might do the job….but it comes with…*smile evilly* a price =3

          • Gravedigger

            ill call the boss, whats the price

          • Deadpool

            Well, lets see…carry the 2….divide by 7….add 666…..the grand total is…5 tacos!

          • Gravedigger

            regular or dorritos locos tacos???

  • FerreTrip

    Aaaaaaaaaand now I’m caught up! Oh, dear, Minos, what you done did now? XD; But horray for there FINALLY being a reptile on the cast!

  • Albert Belle

    And Mora’s rage increases by another few notches.Someone is going to get hurt real bad.

  • Driftingwolf

    Dude, there is no such thing as recovery. Save what you can (namely your balls) and run. Run like a Jew that just stole from Nazis. JUST. FREAKING. RUN.

  • VirgilOokami

    Busted XD…well…nice knowin’ yah *waves good-bye*

  • Krledor

    Look at this rage meter. It’s over 9000. 😛 Meeting the ex can always have these issues.

  • Rick

    Wait Wait!, Minos and Geeku are cousins?! Well now I’ve seen everything.

  • Chaos

    AND … bombshell delivered.

  • Ria

    something tells me this aint good…

  • The_Rippy_One

    Geekcu: Please, have some more of this delicious Awkward! It’s good for you!

  • Dsbair

    Miles’ face in that first panel. Priceless.

  • Hostile

    What the… YOUR COUSIN?, What’s going on here?, Is Minos half reptile?

    • bladra

      more like a branch part of family related

  • John Belrose

    ~snrk~ Mora, just now saying this house is weird.

  • ShadowKitsune

    Oh fuuuuuuuuck, Mora is gonna go ballistic in 3… 2… 1…

    • Gravedigger

      WE HAVE LIFT OFF!!!!!!!!!

  • Driftingwolf

    Dude, just run! Nothing you can say can make this moment ok. JUST. FREAKING. RUN.

  • Joya

    Mora you’re part Hare? Rabbit? Bunny? and woah, woah, WOAH! Minos! Dude, I just…NO, man. Just no. Please just mean in the same bed. PLEASE.

  • Vince

    This couple has a lot of issues, can I at least say that?

  • Leo Murat

    LOL did NOT expect that XD

  • Guest

    By the way, I’m a bit concerned about where that “my cousin” speech bubble is coming from.

  • Nick


  • Markus J. Whitney

    Minos: *Puts arm over Miles’ shoulder* Today is the day you become the man of the farm cause Mora is going to kill me now.

    • Miles

      Good…. Gooooood….

      • Gravedigger

        minos don’t do anything crazy now

  • Minos

    I’m so fucked.

  • Mora

    Damn straight you are.

  • Minos

    Please don’t hurt me ._.

  • Mora

  • Minos


  • Mora


  • Minos


  • Miles

    Hey guys any of you seen my wren… HOLY S*** NOT IN THE LIVING ROOM!

  • Minos and Mora


  • Miles

    I didn’t say stop.

  • Kuratenshi

    I think we’re about to lose a main character O.o

  • ZenXel

    I’m new to this comic, and i got to say bravo. Also i think the miles and taffy would be a better couple. (Anyone agree?{looking back at comic, “Can i keep her”)

    • Gravedigger

      its already been tried and failed, miserably!!!!

  • Slasheredge

    geeku has offical dug Mino’s grave, and buried him in it too.

    • Gravedigger

      what?? that’s my job, dude

      • Slasheredge

        Well you have lost jurisdiction over Mino thanks to geeku. However don’t worry Miles may still be avaliable. lol

        • Gravedigger

          its still my job, why would anyone want it anyways???

          • Slasheredge

            It’s geeku so… do ya think she’s gonna make sense?

          • Gravedigger

            your right, but I will what is rightfully mine!!!!!!!!!

          • Slasheredge

            You think you can beat geeku?

          • Gravedigger

            ill ask politely

  • Lain Szvahl

    oh my…. did geeku just imply that mino slept with her? XD lol well either way of thinking..this is going to get interesting!

  • Chamber

    Minos, lucky bastard…

  • Jexer Kyle Adefuin

    this … this will not end well for minos. RUN… DUDE RUN

  • Wulfspyder

    Well, this isn’t good.

  • Kiro
  • Deadpool
    • Gravedigger

      ill dig the grave for free

  • Pillbug

    Dis gon b gud -brings a chair-

  • Cathy

    -lizard girl sees Minnow- penny in the air
    -Minnow answering Mora;s questions- the penny drops
    -Minnow sleeps with his cousin- and the penny hits the floor

  • Kindle_kat

    She has something around here neck but I can’t quite tell what it is.

  • ReyJJJ

    Leave it to Geecku to visibly block Minos’ OBJECTION!!.

    Also. Headcat Sarah in panel 1!

    • Gravedigger

      cutest headcat ever

      • ReyJJJ

        No Objection!!

        • Gravedigger


  • Craig Smith

    Anyone else notice Miles’ expression in ther first panel? Dat face! 😀

    • Gravedigger

      rape face!!!!!!!!

  • Steve Son

    Quick, Minos, create a distraction!

    • Gravedigger

      *Gravedigger appears* quick, run ill take her

  • XEspadaX

    In the page ”Tasty”, when she said ”Big Red”, is she talking about Carmesi The Crest of Fire?

  • 11rnolson


  • Kobra

    Looks like someone in Mino’s family tree had a very active social life.

  • Tacgnolofdeth

    Will you ever publish your webcomic into a paper copy. Just an Idea if you haven’t already done so. Perhaps the funds generated by that would help fuel the cause for katbox. Perhaps maybe your other team mates could publish theirs. I would most certainly purchase to support the cause. It would be an honor. Thank you.

  • guy

    I don’t get it.