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Help Support Yosh!
  • DJ

    I just felt a reference of the Incredibles at the last panel. Man the look on her face lol

  • Joseph Parsons

    (HAHAHA DUDE you have nailed it!) lol looks like she had it coming!

  • BlackWind

    Well evidently someone has an ego to feed and obviously got done in

    • Shadowkey392

      Oh yeah. Wonder how she’s gonna recover from this?

      • BlackWind

        Maybe by some well timed prank or some brisk molestation at the time XD

        • Shadowkey392

          I hope so!

  • Shadowkey392

    Thank you, God for locker room scenes!

    Please excuse me now while I go hemorrhage from my nose.

  • Dragoncat

    Like the Good Book says, “She who is proud shall be humbled…”
    Or something like that.