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  • Draffle

    Ithink Blue really enjoys that current job she got XD

  • crazybucket

    I’m surprised she doesn’t already OWN the items, so she could model them XD

    • Draffle

      … mind has failed me, how did i not think of that o.o that is the most plausible thing i have heard in quite a long time.

    • Because victorias secret is to tame for blue.

  • I can’t decide what to eat for dinner if more than one other person is affected. If Phil is like me, his head would explode from the pressure of wedding decisions.

    • Dorje

      It’s a tough thing but when you’re in a group of indecisive people. Eventually you learn to overcome that or no one eats :p. Been there, had to be that person. If people don’t like the choices they either don’t eat or find something else.

      For weddings and formal adult events, if you know that there are going to be children tagging along, please don’t forget something for them. Aware parents will pack comfort foods for them, but even having a fall back as simple as grilled cheese sandwiches will likely make them happy and keep their blood sugar levels up.

      Oddly Phils and Kate’s wedding won’t have that problem, not too many friends with small children in tow. Story wise in their social circle they’re mostly to have little nippers first.

  • Phil needs to do something else rather than run errands for her if he doesn’t want to help.

  • Brittleheart

    I somehow think this is all some sort of elaborate plan from Blue to either get herself or Nami to catch the bride’s bouquet at the end of the wedding >.>

  • Scott Finkelstein

    I’m actually looking forward to doing this myself. Both ceremony and reception will both be semi-formal, which stroller/black lounge for the ceremony and black tie for the reception. The wedding party will be formal, which means morning dress for the ceremony and white tie for the reception. There will be at least ten courses of New England and Jewish autumn cuisine, kosher style meat. Live swing/klezmer band, receiving line, head table with both immediate families. No obvious theme (themes are nearly as tacky as self-written “vows” that contain no vows/promises) or self-written vows (Jewish ceremony). The wedding cake will be a bunch of chocolate babkas held together by indian pudding and encased in halva, because I’m a crazy person. Wagner’s
    Bridal Chorus will have no place at the ceremony, as I have already noted that it will be a Jewish ceremony and it’s Wagner.

  • TheAngryOldFart

    Evil Mages? Agents? Demon Lords? No, even more terrifing, Blue being the maid
    of honor!!!

  • tych

    Blue is maid of honor?…eh sure why not

    • That happened a loooong time ago.

  • Michael Halpern

    I’ve been wondering what ever happened with Lien’s small arcane-tech arsenal? I mean seriously it’d probably qualify as her hobby while it might be “work” related her “I want it done not analyzed” statement indicates a sense of passion in it, and being a hobby soon her small arsenal do to her passion for it and therefore attention to detail as well as controlled small scale experimentation (she hasn’t used Phil) would turn into top notch weaponry most likely out of Cain’s league as he’s the “just get it to work and work well” type and his passion is revenge so he is bond to miss a few details. Where as Lien is meticulous and having a logical excuse for it as it may means nothing as to it becoming her hobby and passion if it hasn’t already and the arsenal itself being her passion not as a means to an end its bond to be supreme to anything Cain can produce.

    P.S. Sage when will we get to see Lien’s arsenal anyways?

    • She hasn’t had an opportunity to use it and her arsenal is mostly techniques and a few small blades and custom ammo rounds.

      • Michael Halpern

        and the magical gun thing i want to see its accuracy and damage soon besides it doesn’t take much to turn a handgun into a rifle and a small knife into a bayonet.

  • Nina


    I’ve caught up >.<
    I only started reading Yosh! 2 days ago…

    Sage, not gonna lie, I love your comic :3