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Checking Dreams

Checking Dreams published on 24 Comments on Checking Dreams
Michelle and Nami have their little chat while walking down the hall (Hallways in dire need of some posters or something. Sure the complex is huge and there’s tons of hallways but couldn’t he do something to make the place feel less sterile? Oh wait- I’m the artist, maybe I should make him fix that…) Michelle got all the clues that Nami couldn’t get, but she had to wait for Nami to figure it out. If she had just sat Nami down and told her she might have just rejected it and gone back to stage one! So I’m working all the time on the book. I have found out a few things about doing the preorders, and it’s a bit tricky. I think Monday I will have a full report and probably start taking preorders in a week or two. I gotta take a break at some point though or else I’m gonna become a zombie. I see a bunch of friends getting on Left 4 Dead 2 again lately. I think they are practicing for when I turn…
  • Anon-Anon

    Friends: Those people that make sure you feel awkward whenever they can.

  • Draffle

    Poor Nami. She found out that she was one of the last one to get the puzzle together while almost everyone else figured it out already.

    • Rock

      She was a little busy running away from Blue and dodging her come-ons to consider the situation rationally, I guess. :p

  • Mage

    Wise choice going to Michelle, Nami.

    Guess Toyoko didn’t work out after all, lol.

    • Rock

      Well, Michelle’s more mature than many of the other robot girls.

    • Toyoko did “work out” – here Nami is just telling Michelle that she’s going to pursue the relationship with Blue and that she thinks she really is in love.

      • Mage

        Oh, I gotcha. My bad.

  • Rock

    Michelle’s like a very big sister with some boundary issues, isn’t she? ^^;

  • If people could see my dreams, I’d sure have a lot of explaining to do.

    • Bladist

      You and me both, brother.

      • alex_longfur

        Good. We’re all in the same boat here. Ever dreamt about eviscerating people?

        • Michael Duffy

          you too? Man I thought I was alone with that part …

        • Every Saturday from 3 to 3:27 am, but only during months that end with the letter “Y”

  • Callme’Q

    Something makes me think that Nami will be asking Shiden for a personal-space invasion triggering energy shield upgrade when she next goes in for an MOT.

    (Do robots need servicing?)

    • Anonymous Monkey

      ….define “servicing” ..o_O

      ok .. I go hide now >.>

  • william

    you can’t escape the forehead kisses, you just can’t. you also can’t escape the sweater puppies michelle is sporting, they look like bloodhounds.

    • Grudgesettler

      Not sure bloodhounds are big enough…

      • william

        referring to the bloodhounds sense of smell, not their size. no matter where you run, they’ll sniff you out. pretty impressive for sweater puppies if you ask me.

  • ravor9933

    Looks like nami is poking Michelle in a certain area… Insert quagmire associated sound-bite

    • How does it look like she’s poking her if she is specifically keeping her hand far enough away while wanting to push her away?

      • LifeWulf

        Her index finger looks like it’s poking her, despite the fact that the rest of her hand is portraying what you said.

      • Mr. Al

        I don’t wanna be a nitpicker, but it kiiiinda looks like Nami has a left hand on her right arm. the little finger is bend and positioned on her hand as if it was a thumb. once again, sorry to nitpick! >.<

      • ravor9933

        answer, perverted mind

  • Hannah

    Secret Technique #42: Titty Thrust!

    … Once it was in my head I couldn’t resist posting it… sorry. x.x