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Checking Dreams

Checking Dreams published on 24 Comments on Checking Dreams
Michelle and Nami have their little chat while walking down the hall (Hallways in dire need of some posters or something. Sure the complex is huge and there’s tons of hallways but couldn’t he do something to make the place feel less sterile? Oh wait- I’m the artist, maybe I should make him fix that…) Michelle got all the clues that Nami couldn’t get, but she had to wait for Nami to figure it out. If she had just sat Nami down and told her she might have just rejected it and gone back to stage one! So I’m working all the time on the book. I have found out a few things about doing the preorders, and it’s a bit tricky. I think Monday I will have a full report and probably start taking preorders in a week or two. I gotta take a break at some point though or else I’m gonna become a zombie. I see a bunch of friends getting on Left 4 Dead 2 again lately. I think they are practicing for when I turn…