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Bubblegum Crisis

Cyan is doing well and adjusting to a new body that’s a bit different than her last in a few ways. Like hair color! And it’s not a combat model!

Yep. Tex and Stephanie, they kinda got a sibling thing going on…

  • Areal

    if her hair is the problem, as they are constructed couldnt they just put in some new hair? or maybe dye it?

    • Heph

      Do they actually grow hair? It would be cool froma technical POV on the other hand they would hae to shave legs. Heh and how doesthere skin work? (Micro) tears must somehow be mended.

      Damn Shiden whats your secret *waves his fist*

      • hayo

        He gives full the explanation in one of the previous page

    • Heph

      Hmmm if the combat Models are indeed stronger is Tex Duster actually bulletproof to high calibers?

      • http://Twokinds.net/forum Thedragonfiend

        I betcha it is… I also bet its made out of balistic nylon with some kind of leather like substance resistant to fire wrapped around it!!!

  • Bane


  • Bane


  • Snowskeeper

    Tex is hairist. Someone call the human rights commission.

  • DeadRedSkittle

    What’s the difference with the models? how can you tell she’s not a combat anymore?

    also lovin the new hair

  • kittyluver

    YAAAAAAAAAY!! cyan, or “bubble gum” is not going to die

  • zoie_falcona

    Of course Tex, Cyan is now the spokesmodel for Anthromint Gum with its 48 different flavors!

  • http://www.tangents.us/ Tangentsreviews

    Ooooh, are we going to see Largo next? How about Priss? =^-^=

  • Bucc-i

    I always give Tex a Texas accent. Which in my mind made her say Bubbagm!

    She doesn’t have a combat model, then is it a… sex model?
    Well, as long as Bubble Gum doesn’t become a Princess, its all good.

  • SilentMech

    I am going to guess it has some thing to do with visible muscle tone. I am probably wrong, but I am going to assume that until I am proven wrong.

  • thepersonwhodoesn’twanttobeknown

    Please update your cast real soon!!!

  • http://yosh.katbox.net/ Carbuncle21

    i have no idea whats going on

  • thepersonwhodoesn’twanttobeknown

    I meant your “Cast Page” if you didn’t know, sorry for the double post!!!

  • aqua

    @bucc i don’t think shidan makes ‘sex models’

  • Kullax

    @aqua, there’s a reply feature 😛
    but @ also works.. I guess

  • braininajar

    according to sage, all of them are sex models XD

  • Bucc-i

    Why wouldn’t he? They would be his best seller!

  • Tirithek

    Heh, Bubblegum Crisis, nice :)

  • http://yosh.katbox.net Sage

    Sorry, visible muscle tone has nada to do with the combat model. Look at the latest Bonus comic. You can see a lot of Lien, and there’s practically no tone on her 😛

    Combat models don’t have a visible difference, I was just avoiding saying she got a bigger rack from the transfer 😛

  • http://yosh.katbox.net Sage

    Sex Model? I’m pretty sure all robot girls are… To quote a famous android “Fully functional”.

  • Draven

    I think she got off lucky. Not only did she survive, there are names worse than bubblegum.

  • Jerden

    Such as? Anyway, Pink would be a better name, but I think that’s copywrited…

  • Jerden

    Also, I think Tex is the coolest of all the robot girls. Maybe it’s her hat, maybe her trench coat, maybe her gun… Whatever. Probobly all of them actually.

  • Draven

    Well if they started calling her Dave, I think THAT would be worse than bubblegum.

  • http://yosh.katbox.net Sage

    It’s copyRIGHT not copywrite. Stands for the right to copy. Also you cannot copyright a name. Names can be trademarks like Wal-Mart, Denny’s, Quaker Steak and Lube…. mmmmhmmm Quaker Steak… Err, any ways. Characters however can be covered under copyright but only if they are defined properly as characters (like Kate, Phil, Mickey Mouse, etc). *The More You Know!*

  • http://Twokinds.net/forum Thedragonfiend

    Maybe he literally meant copy-write as in he somehow cant copy pink then wright it??

  • m


  • kittyluver

    that my friend, is by far the best answer i have seen to a question in a long time! :DDDD

  • dude

    to quote his predacessor(spelling?) “Fasinating”. -_-/

  • Conan_Edogawa

    I love the new body. :3

  • cronnange


  • nightarix

    i’d say they aren’t so much built for that purpose(shiden would have an override for their free will if that was the case) but they have all the parts for the purpose of leaving nothing out, and theoretically since they can feel emotion, they can also feel physical interaction(… damn i don’t know any eye waggle emote >.>’)

  • Shrikefox

    Well if we are going for proper western style (and by the looks of it Sage is) it’d actually be called a duster, not a trench coat. You can tell in panels one and three by the lack of epualets (little tabs on the shoulders) and the coat not being double breasted.

  • Draven

    Yes, the breasts on the jacket. THAT’S what I was looking at.

  • dude

    @Shrikefox: are you sure about those last five words? 😉