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Birthday 2017

Birthday 2017 published on 7 Comments on Birthday 2017
Hope those of your who are in the US had a good thanksgiving. Today is my Birthday so as always, I’ll be taking the day off- not really. No Yosh! update but tonight as always I will be streaming on Picarto ( some final artwork for Patreon and I will be sketching and inking Artificial Incidents next update! Check it out at 9pm EST and it usually ends at around 4am EST so plenty of time if you like staying up late 😛 Have a great weekend! Comic resumes Monday!
  • Darkoneko Hellsing


  • A friend

    Happy shared birthday! Nov 24th is my Birthday too! I wanna play Skyrim.

  • ZRO4825

    Birthday Mihari is good too! :3

  • tych

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! sorry I watched Kamen Rider OOO to much and now that comes up every so often

  • The_Ninjaneer

    thehehehehe 😛

  • Raconis

    Happy turkey day. I’d tell you what I’d wish Mihari would do to me, but I’d be banned. Happy birthday as well, been having fun reading your work for years.

  • Chillman

    Well, a bit late now but “Happy Birthday!” anyway!