• Leafbarrett

    It’s ALWAYS the old mountain ladies.

  • Leafbarrett

    It’s ALWAYS the old mountain ladies.

  • Gravedigger

    TOO LATE!!!! I pray they live to fulfill that fantasy

  • Marco Antonio Valladares

    Anyone notice how Hawke’s shirt went from Top Gun in the cockpit, to Big Gun talking to Saint and now back to Top Gun?

  • goodtigerclaw

    lol best thing to scream at an old lady

  • Snowskeeper

    Purple evil aura=good.
    Black and red=OH CRAP RUNNNNNNN.

  • Vosur

    “i’ve got some good things on sale, Stranger!”

    • Silvermain

      Yeah I pictured him sounding like that creepy merchant guy too LOL

      • Victor Masi

        mmmmmmm, for some reason a Nolan North-esque voice comes to mind for me…I don’t know why, but I just hear that voice come out of him for some reason.

        • Teh Phuufs

          I’ll let the audience decide what they think he sounds like. But, he is not written to have a cockney british accent ala RE4 Merchant. Nolan North sounds closer to what I think personally, something casual and a bit gravely.

          • Ipurgepeople

            I will now forever read every word of this merchant in the voice of the RE4 Merchant. It shall not change.

          • Silvermain

            I’m just saying that since you had him saying the creepy RE4 merchants line. I imagined the voice saying it. But Yeah I can also picture a Nolan North esq voice.

  • Ipurgepeople

    And I guarantee every single person who has played RE4 read that in the Merchant’s voice. Thank you for hitting me in the Nostalgia. I like it.


    *pulls out random stuff from jacket* hmmm seems legit… I guess we can trust the hobo merchant 😀

    • Victor B

      in those times, merchants needed to be homeless. They had to travel to get good and sell them where the goods weren’t available. So yes, it’s legit

  • Valkeiper2012

    I do NOT see that. I do NOT see a firearm. I DO NOT SEE A BLACK POWDER, MUZZLE-LOADING, PISTOL!!!

    I guess we now know what Clare will want to buy.

  • Valkeiper2012

    Last night, I was thinking our intrepid trio were going to need a visit to a store for supplies and maybe even a meal. I imagined the the following conversation:

    Clare (shaken and scared): Kibbles, what is that?
    Kibbles: Oh, that’s a painting.

    Clare: I know that. I mean, what is it a painting of?
    Kibbles: Oh, that’s ‘the grand lady’. You don’t know what that is?

    Clare (shaking badly): yes, I know what it is. Explain it to me though.
    Kibbles: Ok. The grand lady comes from the time before the ‘great event’. She comes from a time when everybody had great magic we can only imagine.

    Clare (near weeping): Thank you, Kibbles.

    Kibbles walks away as Clare looks at painting of the Statue of Liberty without her raised arm.

    • Alex Smith

      We’re on the same page.

    • o0m-9



      … Furries?

  • Alex Smith

    Naps ARE important.

  • jrh150482

    I’m guessing Claire steals the gun and then shoots someone (coughoneeyedratmerchantcough) with it.

    • Anonymous M

      Nope that guy is joining the crew

  • Silvermain

    It’s a Wonder he can carry that huge sack oh his.

    And I totally read his line as he opens his jacket as sounding like the merchant from RE4 lol

    • Teh Phuufs

      Yes he carries around that huge backpack of his everywhere. Yay for upper body strength!

  • Gravedigger

    cant we just shoot him and take all his stuff??

  • Victor Masi

    I was expecting the merchant to ask “are you a cop?” first.

  • WaveRave

    Wonder if he’ll buy stuff at a high price. RE4 references FTW!

  • Alex Dixon

    resident evil reference!

  • Alucai Vivorvel

    It’s funny, because for a moment I thought he’d be like the merchant from Dust: An Elysian Tale (I only just started the game so please no spoilers if he’s more than just a merchant).

  • crazyeddy

    lol RE4 totally comes in mind first
    and dat gun lol old school probably sell for a high price
    Btw thats one huge sack he has there that guy must be freaken buff

    Now that im content with a male main charr. I wonder how long he will stick along :3
    Keep up the good work guys

    • Teh Phuufs

      We have two more main male characters coming up too :3 !
      Also thanks, we are trying our best.

      • Gravedigger

        the best way to keep up readers with a short attention span interested is to NOT tell us whats gonna happen.

        • Victor Masi

          quite frankly, I consider myself to be nuts as well…I’m serious, I do feel as I may be crazy…but that’s beside the point, I’m not too fond of spoilers, either.

          • Valkeiper2012

            Want crazy? Try being a trucker.

            I was. 19 years.

  • http://tbolt.deviantart.com Tbolt

    Hmmm, the red thing is either a bar of soap, or a fake foam brick, either way I sense a very useful item! =^^=

  • Cory Tenorio

    It was either her face, legs or boobs that got his attention.

    • Valkeiper2012

      I doubt it. It was her declaration they wanted to BUY.

      • Cory Tenorio

        True. But you gotta admit she’s got a nice figure 😉

  • Nico Holm

    what are you buying?….. what are you selling?

    eh… eh? Anyone?

  • Sanchez

    It’s interesting to see the innuendos that the character’s race defines their personality.

    • Valkeiper2012

      If that were the case, Sesame would be sleeping most of the day and being a total pain at night.

      Oops, I overlooked Sesame’s not a Tomcat, so she wouldn’t be a pain (but her sword could be).

  • Valkeiper2012

    uh oh. I had another weird thought.

    what if they ‘acquired’ the pistol and Clare sees (and reads) an inscription of it that the others can not read?

    Hell, it doesn’t have to be on the pistol. It could be an inscription just about anywhere.

  • Gotch

    Is the writers comment a reference to Dust: an elysian tail?

  • Gravedigger

    Gravedigger smells a rat

  • Victor B

    a brick?

  • Victor B

    still no vote insentive

  • Victor Masi

    is that thing next to the pistol a brick?

  • Cyndaquazy

    I love this re-uploading of the archive: I get to revisit strips I haven’t seen in quite some time!