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#2089 published on 12 Comments on #2089
Don’t forget to check out Artificial Incident over at! Also, please note the comment system is a work in progress and may even be changed completely again. We are searching for the best option and the past 2 (Vuukle and Disqus) included advertising practices we don’t agree with. Nothing malicious, just annoying! XD Current one is very customization but doesn’t work well at all for multiple site commenting making it hard to work with over all the comics. So we’ll see how it goes till we try out the next one.


if it’s a magic familiar that someone’s using to look for something, it probably wouldn’t be able to see Phil, so no noticing him, and if it’s magic, the aura Kate’s jewelry probably radiates would likely attract it’s attention. she wouldn’t have to have it visible for a magic sensing familiar to “see” it. at least what i surmise from what’s seen here(plus what i can remember of what’s been said about magic in the comic)

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