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  • ZRO4825

    Difference being, Nami would worry…Michelle would not. Bwahaha! XD <3

  • Danodan94

    Okay, no offence, but wtf is that outfit? I’ve never seen anything like it, it looks like it would tear if you so much as turned to one side.

    • da_ab

      it’s called the virgin killer sweater. it’s basically another case of what would happen if you took VG attire and make it in the real world.

    • Cyeca

      Oh man, that’s nothing! You should see the results when they wear that outfit with the hole to the front! XD

    • It’s like someone said the Keyhole sweater just didnt go far enough, and they turned a sweater into an apron and forgot to tell people to wear pants and underwear with it.

  • Hevensdragon

    Do to how far out her breasts push out the sweater her crotch would be visible from the side.

  • Facade Kitsune

    swim sweater?