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#2013 – Nami’s Project

#2013 – Nami’s Project published on 18 Comments on #2013 – Nami’s Project
Don’t forget to check out AI over at! Yosh will be filler for Friday and Monday for Christmas! Then will return Wednesday and Friday but then- New Years Filler for the 1st!
  • Cyeca


    (Also Lien’s face must be priceless at the moment!)

  • Henry Cannon

    Shouldn’t that line in panel two be “pardon me, Nami, …”
    Also, looking forward to seeing what Lien’s face is like on Friday.

    • ReaperBones

      Usually you would include a ‘Pardon me’ but you can shorten it at the risk of sounding odd. All you honestly need for a sentence like that is a verb and noun like with “Pardon Sire”
      Although it sounds really weird lol.

    • There won’t be a normal comic update Friday or Monday as I said in the comments- Christmas fillers!

  • ZRO4825

    D’awwww, this gonna be cute. <3

  • Hevensdragon

    While i get that blue has cat ears not really sure why nami is copying her. Is it weird or sweet?

    • ZRO4825

      I would believe it to be a bit of a sweet gesture. Somewhat of a “Look, I wanna be like you at least some of the time.” type of thing.

  • Sleel

    First thing that popped into my mind seeing this is a song by CLC. Meow Meow. From their Crystal Album. Now I’ma have to listen to it again. *pushes play* (it’s Kpop)

  • Psyche

    “Uhh…I can explain.”

  • Josh

    Part of me is now curious on if she’s making a tail and if going to be socketed.

  • zophah

    I’m wondering if the ears (and possibly tail) will be linked to her sense of touch…

    • Hijojo

      They could also possibly move realistically, as in show emotions and such.

    • Cyeca

      Judging by the position and interface I’m wondering if fit into her old chobits ear covers’ socket?😕

  • Facade Kitsune

    dose she have a port for that?

  • tych

    would this count as filler or just last regular?

  • Ira

    I know this one should be about Nami, but I just love seeing Lien (and her magical growing/shrinking bangs). Seriously a different length every time we see her xD

  • Alexander

    All i can say to this is DAWWWWWWWW!

  • Zarel