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  • Sleel

    Points for Phil. Cause, pretty sure it was both. And some negative points for whack job. Cause she still is. And she’s a twat to boot.

  • LifeWulf

    Just fyi, it should be “on its own,” no apostrophe. It’s = it is

    • Fixed, thanks.

  • Inaki

    Nothing like a good old wall-destroying spar to soften up those friendship bones/mechanicals.

  • Alexander

    Phil, I know you are immune to damage……and pain if you don’t see it, But in the fight that she may be suggesting, You will see it all coming, Run buddy! RUN!!!!

  • Dorje

    “Come fight me and my super robot strength, armed only with your MK.1 Flesh&Bone fists.”

  • Matthew Krawczun

    this argument is always trash, its so easily turned around like here you can say she’d be nothing without her combat body. what Phil should do is just go into that trance state he can do while Lilith does her worst to him and after its all done have him come out of it and honestly ask if she’s started yet.

    that would really get to her

  • Eboreg2

    Lilith better be careful with her super robot strength so she doesn’t cause death or serious in…

    Oh wait, this is Phil we’re talking about, carry on!

  • tych

    lilith vs phil round 2…

    • Jindra34

      5 digital pennies on Lilith getting annoyed by lack of results.

    • MilesMarkerOf the Miren Clan

      20 on phil 30 on his girlfriend

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Those abs tho