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  • CivD666

    It is not homework. It is self-directed learning, without supervision.

  • Alexander

    Ugh homework…..i may be 22 but hearing homework still sends shivers down my spine…….

  • Psyche

    Magic homework seems like it would be a hell of a lot more fun than regular homework.

    • Dorje

      This is like saying game development homework seems like it would be a lot more fun than regular homework. Turns out work is work, and its rarely ever fun for long.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Just when you thought you were old enough to have gotten rid of homework forever

  • tych

    man those ap homework assignments must be horrible

  • Sandman366

    I wish I got to have magic homework….

    That is, homework about magic. Not homework that is magic (and thus probably a pain in the ass to corral and tame and crap…..)

  • Kitt Beesley

    this is great. I have to say though I’ve been waiting years for the wedding….

    • Psyche

      I’m guessing they’re gonna have to deal with the whole Life and Death thing before they can enjoy a peaceful marriage.