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  • Matthew Nethken

    How is she casting spells without the bracelet?

    • She has lots of different items she can use mana from. The bracelets, the necklace, anklet, rings, nipple piercings. That last one is a joke.

      • Jesen

        Joke it may be, but it would be a clever way to keep a hidden source of mana on hand for emergencies.

        • Merlin

          And we all know the power of the element of surprise!

          • Hevensdragon

            I think phill counts as the element of surprise in a lot of ways. The obvious way being that he tanks a blast and then smashes.(lilith). But there is also the “i know what that is” that no one should expect.

        • Josh

          A popular wedding band for women I’ve noticed, (yet to see a man wear one like this at any rate), is a two-ring set-up that uses the engagement ring as the inner-piece and the wedding ring as the outer-piece. I wonder if Phil has thought of trying to make something like that for Kate (with help of course) but using some orihalcom instead of a standard metal.

      • Hevensdragon

        So by process of elimination she must be using anklets. As she is clearly not wearing any of the other ones.

        • So long as it’s close by it can be used, even if it’s not in direct contact. She could even just put it in her pockets.

      • tych

        you say that last one was a joke but by the power of the internet somewhere someplace it is being uploaded right now

        • And if anime has taught me anything this year, it’s that if the internet says it, it will be true….

          • tych

            not always some times it’s just a troll

          • Talking about the Re:Creators anime, with characters from other media coming to life, the way they were followed on the internet, even fanfic gets added to the persona.

          • tych

            I don’t know what that is but I read the qwik wiki summary of it and yes