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  • Psyche

    Sexy sleepwear is great enough, but when you bring memes into the picture, it becomes almost too amazing to handle.

  • The_Ninjaneer


  • CazzT

    I’m not sure Nami is really into this whole relationship thing with Blue. I’ve yet to see her actually be positive about the whole thing.

    • You’ve missed some key comics then, and she’s more than capable of saying no, as shown here. She’s not being forced into anything, but she did make a promise to make some effort to open up more, which is the purpose of this string of comics.

      • Seiggrain Hart

        Plus there’s also the fact that this whole scene wouldn’t be happening back when they first met. Back when Nami was all “Stay away from me!” when it came to Blue…

  • LifeWulf


    Did we miss the cat keyhole lingerie?

    I feel like we missed out on that.