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#2000 – Sleepwear

#2000 – Sleepwear published on 8 Comments on #2000 – Sleepwear
This is a very special time right now in comics. I’m sure you all noticed but… On Artificial Incident Nyna has finally made her first appearance and I am so happy. You can check it out here at! Oh… This is also the official 2000th page of Yosh! So that’s cool.
  • DudeHack

    So glad you have come this far Sage. Also, any Yosh with these two are awesome!!

  • Psyche

    Wow, 2,000 pages. That’s quite an achievement. Congrats, Sage!

  • Kitirena Koneko

    Yay! 2000 down, and only infinity more to go! ^_^

    Seriously, congratulations, and thanks for all the great strips!

    EDIT: But I still say AI needs more catgirls, nyao! -_^

  • grim5000

    The bottom panel’s dialog doesn’t seem to flow that well from the previous panel to me. Nami’s “I know” seems to be responding to something blue said, but it doesn’t look like Blue said anything to respond to.
    Maybe I’m just reading the panels in the wrong order or something?

    • Pinkwraith

      Top left square, right panel, bottom left square, bottom rectangle. At least as far as I can tell, that flows the best

      • Yeah but it is confusing. I’m going to fix it when I get home tonight. I changed up the script a bit midway and thought it wouldn’t affect the panels but it certainly does.

  • asebw

    Ah yes, we were do for more Blue-ish romantic comedy and sexy hijinx. Also, gratz on reaching 2000. That is quite the milestone.

  • tych

    I can’t believe I didn’t notice this sooner congrats Sage on 2k