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#1997 – Disposable Income

#1997 – Disposable Income published on 11 Comments on #1997 – Disposable Income
Don’t forget to check out Artificial Incident- Which went up several hours before this because I’ve had a long day! 😛 Oh and yes, androids must brush their teeth too, or turn off their sense of taste and fill their mouths with an appropriate cleaning agent, but that’s kinda weird and would be a nightmare to show one of them doing something creepy like that… Maybe some other time.
  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Unless they already received said pay that’s putting the cart a bit before the horses 😀

  • Jorge L. Carreras Jr.

    So, ordering a bunch of stuff online when you DON’T know you’re getting paid? That makes no sense. Now if it was “did a lot of work on-line” then that would be far more fitting.

    • Previous comic. She said she paid them for the mission. He didn’t know they were getting paid and so he shopped online on the way home with his unexpected income.

      • Tsuki_Ouji

        Thank you for clarifying; I, too, was confused.

        • Can you explain how it was confusing? I’ve been confused as to how people could be confused about it even without the context of the previous and I’d like to understand why so I can prevent it from happening again in the future.
          The way I read it – “Why did he not sleep?” “He didn’t know we were being paid so instead of sleeping he spent all his time shopping on the way home” – I don’t see how people can read that as “He spent all is his money even though he didnt know if he was being paid or not”. That just doesnt make any sense to me at all.

          • SpookDuke

            That’s the thing, people are confused because if you don’t readily recall the fact they got paid in the last page it’s very easy to turn “He didn’t know we were getting paid so he ordered stuff” to “he’s spending money he doesn’t know he has”. It’s more so people just forget that they were actually paid since it was just “I sent them back home, and paid them” which comes off more like an afterthought. If you read one page right after the other though I’m sure most people would’ve gotten it immediately

          • Ok so I should be able to reword this to make it more obvious. I’ll fix it now, thanks.

          • Tsuki_Ouji

            And yet, that’s how it reads. And it doesn’t make sense, thus it’s confusing.

  • Kitirena Koneko

    I’m assuming that Phil wasn’t told that everyone on the mission was going to get paid for it until after they all got back, and that’s why he went on a spending spree instead of resting up after a strenuous mission?

  • Inaki

    Savings? What sort of witchcraft is that?

  • Abillioncats

    Man I used to read this comic years ago and I finally got the chance to read through the whole thing again, nice to see Yosh! is still going strong.