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  • LinuxTheKid

    There is a face we haven’t seen in a long time. Much like Phil’s brother…

    • Sepher

      Phil has a brother?

      • Phillip Duda

        Some Phil’s have brothers.

      • LinuxTheKid

        Yup, Ethan. I think this might be the last time we saw him:

        • LifeWulf

          Holy carp. That’s a blast from the past!

  • Jindra34

    Oh. Fudge.

  • The_Ninjaneer

    Dr. N. Cortex .o.

    • cy414

      was about to ask if his first name was neo…

  • tych

    huh so their were survivors…neat

  • Jordan Bai

    Wait, I’m getting antagonist vibes. Refresh my memory.. who’s Cortex again?

    • Either evil scientist working for the bad guys, or Shiden’s rival weapons developer, depending on your point of view, and whether they’re really at war with the magi right now.

    • Renadt

      Essentially a bigot who dreams of being a “hero” and ridding the world of the “chimera threat.” Mistakenly believes he is the hero.