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  • tych

    stick that thing on a candy bowl and let’s go trick or treating already

  • tych

    for real that little punishment shadow is hilarious I am LOLing right now

    • Kitirena Koneko

      I’m imagining that thing speaking with a high-pitched, squeaky voice, which would make it even funnier!

      • tych

        dammit now I am imagining it and thinking about it stuck to a candy bowl telling children to take one and screaming guilty to anyone that doesn’t listen to him

        • Kitirena Koneko

          “Grr! Guilty! Kill bad people! I am Groot!” {giggle}

  • His little shoulder angel is looking a little thin there, and is it dressed for Halloween? Come to think of it, where is its counterpart?

    • tych

      pretty sure it judged as guilty and killed it

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    A little something on your shoulder, haha. Well, it’s almost halloween, use it for best costume !

  • LordViking

    He should name that thing Chip if he’s going to keep it around.

  • Psyche

    That’s certainly one hell of a shoulder devil.

  • SmokeSkid

    Awww its so adorable. I want one, little shoulder buddy.

  • Jorge L. Carreras Jr.

    Now all he needs is an “angel” on his other shoulder and he;s golden.

  • The_Ninjaneer

    XD hahaha its actually adorable now

  • Inaki

    remember, even if you have an omnious skeleton hellbent on punishing someone using an unknown system to judge people on your shoulder, it aint all that bad. look at the bright side of things. You will always have someone to talk to, you will never be alone, hell it might be able to grab that second player controller.

  • zophah

    At this point we just have to determine if the little thing is a parasite or a symbiosis. If it happens to be the later, then he gets cool powers to go along with it!

    • tych

      really? only superpower I could see that thing giving him is the ability to judge people based on their sins(?) I am assuming that this what he determines guilty on

      • Matthew Krawczun

        that’s a very useful power tho

        • tych

          maybe in DC or Marvel but this is yosh! how help will that really be maybe for support but that thing is terrifying you think he is going to learn how to use it?

          • Matthew Krawczun

            well i figure there isn’t really another good story telling reason to leave something like this behind if it was just going to be killed off quickly.

          • tych

            true but is Kate’s shadow thingy actually useful in fights?
            Cause it’s the same thing relatively speaking

  • Merlin

    Tiny + Terrifying + Adorable = Hilarious.

  • Jordan Bai

    “residual curse, nothing to worry about…”

  • Zafnak

    Awww…it’s like a baby Groot!

  • Sandman366

    That’s…..slightly adorable, actually……