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#1989 – Light it Up

#1989 – Light it Up published on 3 Comments on #1989 – Light it Up
I’m feeling much better. I already had this comic more than halfway done before I was bedridden on Tuesday so while I may not be at 100%, it wasn’t too much to get this done now that I can at least move! Thanks everyone for the well wishing and thanks to Tom once again for his art from yesterday. Also if you missed it, AI did update yesterday I had finished that on Monday as well!
  • ZRO4825

    Kate with the competency and the shield! Also, holy crap Serena. o.o; Glad to hear you’re feeling better, Sage. ^_^

  • The_Ninjaneer

    *hears rammstein in the distance*

  • Jindra34

    You know given that Serena is supposed to be kinda the empress of all fire,.. I think the person who should be saying I’ll do my best is Kate.