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  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    TIL Kodoku

    • tych

      ….can you answer how that thing is suppose to be a worm because I don’t see it

      • Merlin

        Not literally a worm, but performing the function of the curse.

      • The concept is a jar where creatures are trapped and must survive by killing and eating each other, which means this spirit is the final product of whatever got sucked into this “jar”.

        • tych

          …okay stop me if I am wrong but wasn’t that a maguffin’ in Inuyasha?

          • Darkoneko Hellsing

            No idea. I’ve seen it used in Mob Psycho 100 recently tho.

          • I looked it up and they said they used a Kodoku in Inuyasha so Naraku could make a new body for himself. So Yeah they did. There are several other animes and stories I saw used the same thing but it is based on stories of Japanese and Chinese mysticism.

          • tych

            yeah only reason why I brought it up was because I remember Miroku calling it a “Alchemist’s Jar” on Adult Swim