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  • ZRO4825

    Well then…that certainly doesn’t sound like something that bodes well for someone…

  • cy414

    where is demon ichigo when you need him?

  • Inaki

    when in doubt, throw Phil at it. Heck that would probably disband the link.

    • LifeWulf

      Probably only as long as Phil was touching him.

      Solution: strap him to Phil until this is over with!

  • Danodan94


  • tych

    we should call axel to be sure he went thru this

    • Jindra34

      Why not now? This kind of thing does seem up his alley. Though maybe Penpen would be a better choice, but BUSY with becoming a king stuff.

      • tych

        sure penpen becoming king of hell will have no ramifications on the rest of the universe wink wink