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    Sorry…couldn’t help it

    • Chris Richardson

      I hate that you got to it before me :/

  • Matthew Krawczun

    way to go you just ticked it off now

    • ZRO4825

      Either ticked it off, or blew away what it had in place of a cerebral cortex. XD

  • The_Ninjaneer

    *unreal announcer* HEADSHOT!

  • Dorje

    Scratch one angery apparition, and one $50 million satellite.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Nice accuracy.

  • LordViking

    Whatever is wrong with the thing’s mind, it is gone.

  • Inaki

    No way that worked. looks like when you try to make a hole in water. whatever was blown away will simply flood back into shape.

  • grim5000

    probably not defeated. Phil needs to give it a hug just incase

  • Merlin

    It seems… surprised!

  • James-Polymer

    Monster: Wow, way to kill the mood from last page.

  • Zafnak

    Not like getting in a head shot is so hard with a noggin that big… But still, nicely done LOL

  • DarkMyste

    Forest fire in 3…..2….1….