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  • Aron Dragonwolf

    Has hitting a monster with a nuke ever worked anyway? Well , I guess it did in the second AVP movie, sort of.

  • James-Polymer

    If what Japan has taught me is true, then given the number of tentacles on that thing it’s a 50-50 chance there will be gore or porn on the next page.

    • tych

      I wonder how many people after seeing this comment will say “please let it be porn please let it be porn”?

  • tych

    we could call pen pen but I am not sure what the roaming charges are for hell

  • Dorje

    People think there isn’t a place of Little Dakka, and always want Big Dakka. But Little Dakka can be just as Dakka as Big Dakka, and you can find more places to use it… so more Dakka.

    • James-Polymer

      All hail the Mighty Dakka!

  • Merlin

    …is it just me, or does that thing bear a certain shadowy resemblance to Kate’s shadow-servant?

    • wilddeath

      was thinking the exact same thing

  • grim5000

    just throw phil at it

  • The_Ninjaneer

    nuke it from orbit, just to be sure XD

    • James-Polymer

      Nuke it ’till it glows, then shoot it in the dark.