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  • Sora Neku

    Looking more and more like a ghost to me… or at least, something pretending to be a ghost.

  • Eboreg2

    IT’S A TRAP!

  • Inaki

    the only thing lacking is the sign with TRAP and an arrow pointing at the house in the background.

  • Dorje

    I keep thinking, but why does the best solution to problems involve throwing Phil at it? Ever since the incident in Japan. Maybe they should just load Phil into a cannon and fire him at Death.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Ask one of the other to throw you in 😀
    (probably won’t work with the weapon, tho. It’s a miracle the heli could take off at all with that aboard)

    • Kitirena Koneko

      “Yoshball special”? Better be careful–I hear Marvel Comics gets touchy about copyright infringement…

    • Psyche

      I think the staff is actually really light if Phil is the one holding it. It gets heavier the more magic is used on it, and as Phil is immune to magic, he doesn’t affect it.

  • Merlin

    Well *that’s* not at all ominous, is it?