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  • Sleel

    Yeah yeah. When surrounded by broken magic fog, ya know what definitely dead means? Definitely zombie makings.

  • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

    i am just going to laugh really hard if this guy Springs up and shouts “I’M ALRIGHT!!!! hey where’d ya go?”

  • Bushmaster

    Last panel – Extra apostrophe in Well?

    • *literally gets out of bed at nearly 6:30 am to fix an error*

      • Bushmaster

        That’s dedication right there.
        I’m sure it could have waited, no need to lose sleep over it.

        • cy414

          be where The grammar gestapoexclamation they will rage four days over misplaced apostrophesperiod

  • skandral

    IS/was he human or robot? If he’s a robot, having his head twisted around could have severed the connection to his body. He could be laying there staring at the tree, unable to move.

    • Joshua Bennett

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t all of the robots female?

  • Inaki

    If its twisted like a spring, does that make him a bobble head?

  • SmokeSkid

    Umm where did Kate go did I miss something in the previous panels

    • ZRO4825

      You can actually JUST see the tip of her ear sticking up over Phil’s shoulder in that last panel, between his head and the magic stick.

      • Ha! Someone noticed XD.

  • cy414

    thats not how you look back on recent decisions.

  • Facade Kitsune

    congrats…I think :S

  • Alexander

    Rest in peace Johan….You loved tree’s so much you broke you neck to kiss it…….