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#1951 – Small Outpost, Big Ego

#1951 – Small Outpost, Big Ego published on 5 Comments on #1951 – Small Outpost, Big Ego
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  • Psyche

    I hope Serena doesn’t end up starting a forest fire or something.

    • Michael Halpern

      She probably wont, she is far more in touch with her element than any of her relatives, she isn’t being controlled by fire, and fire isn’t being controlled by her, they are one in the same to an extent for now, meaning she can probably extinguish fires as easily as she can create them, like we see in ATLA with Firebending (We see Iroh and Jon-Jon on occasion use firebending in that manner and after meeting the Sun Warriors, Zuko does it as well (most notably in Avatar North and South Part 3)

      Also Kate has a very large piece of water attuned orichalum to help.

      there are a few reasons that I am not that worried about Kate other than plot armor, other than her Foci, it is established (mostly WOG) that her animal traits make her more physically fit, and gives her slightly above normal flexibility and reaction time, not to mention her hearing is probably on par with ear-cup wearing Robot Girls, Shiden probably designed those ear-cups to bring their hearing up to cat chimera level. So she is a natural with Foci magic, armed with what is currently a fortune’s worth of foci, enhanced hearing, strength and flexibility, speed too, I wouldn’t be surprised if that tail provides extra balance, meaning her movements are likely more naturally fluid than that of most people, center of gravity shifting slightly to be more balanced around whatever leg is down as she moves

  • Aron Dragonwolf

    She can continue to call Kate her apprentice as long as she doesn’t start saying things like “give in to your anger,” “unlimited power” or “The full power of the Dark side.”

    • Gravedigger

      or start trying to get kate to use her newfound powers for personal gain

  • LifeWulf

    Wow that’s some nice environment art there.