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#1948 – Paid Vacation

#1948 – Paid Vacation published on 9 Comments on #1948 – Paid Vacation
Streaming tonight at 9pm EDT on Picarto! Click and of this here text to go to the picarto page! Should be streaming with my buddy Tom and maybe Ron if he’s not busy- and hopefully Nero or Red will join- maybe Maty if shes not working- Who are all these people? Come to the stream tonight to find out! 😀
  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Damnit Kate, you’re not immortal.

    • Sam Zalereth

      I mean…for argument’s sake, neither is Phil, he can certainly grow old and die; though I am aware of what you implied.

  • The_Ninjaneer

    o3o/ hurra Schwarzwald

  • tych

    …hmm I vote it’s a witch if its a witch called

    • DudeHack

      I am waiting for elves to pop up. The black forest however would be baba yaga or maybe werewolves.

      • tych

        baba yaga counts as a witch also elves would cause shit…well nothing that would need phil as for werewolves I don’t know if phil is qualified to be useful in that sorta situation?

  • Jindra34

    So this response is potentially going to be super heavy Then again if the experts are asking for expert help…

  • ReaperBones


    • DudeHack

      I know right, Lien and the ring android both look cute when we can see their eyes and faces.