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  • LordViking

    When was it that they went on a date before?
    Also, wasn’t he interested in Rieko? (The fox girl android?)

    • TKKain

      I don’t remember exactly but I think it was before Naoko’s husband lost his arm. As to his interest in Rieko, it was purely academic. She was technically backwards engineered and ‘resurrected’ in the sense that it’s her actual soul, in a android shell based off of his own design.

  • The_Ninjaneer


  • ZRO4825

    OMG I am loving this side of Toyoko. How dare she be more adorable than before? Can’t handle. Too much. XD

  • ogre of the dark

    Floating Breast are always a good thing !

  • wilddeath

    there needs to be a better archive. i cant find the date they went on