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  • Kitirena Koneko

    She doesn’t look like a ghost to me–I can see that she does too have feet!

    (If you don’t get it, look up “yurei” on Wikipedia. -_^)

    • Merlin

      Or “Casper the Friendly Ghost.”

  • The_Ninjaneer

    robot girl that feels lonely, as people say she looks like a ghost uses invisi suit to help …her ghostiness? *ding*

    (also yes I was watching cinema sins at the time of posting)

  • Sandman366

    And still by far not the strangest thing to live in that apartment.

    And you don’t even look like the actual ghosts that showed up once either!

    • Henry Cannon

      Yeah, surprised no one brought up the actual ghosts seen

  • Zafnak

    A trim could help with that. Or maybe even a different hairdo…

    • Dorje

      Hair ties. Carry extras.

  • Facade Kitsune

    all hail the coming of rainbow-thulhu

  • tych

    not surprised there is a emo robo girl

    • Kitirena Koneko

      Let’s introduce her to Siouxie and the Banshees and Voltaire and turn her Goth instead!

  • Alexander Stallwitz

    “I do a mean cosplay of Sadako from Ringu through”