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  • Jordan Bai

    Ehem, buoyant. *nose bleeds.

  • okamitora

    …and this is where everyone reading either says something or very carefully says nothing.

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      Ain’t gonna lie, it was tempting.

    • Kitirena Koneko

      Not everyone.

      …{ahem} BOOBIES!!!! {giggle}

      There, now I’ve said it for everyone else that was thinking it. (Even though personally I’m a C-cup kitty; like they said in Weird Science, “anything more than a handful and you’re asking for trouble!” -_^ But since many guys [and more than a few girls] like big bazongas, well…)

      • okamitora

        For some reason, you remind me of this:
        No idea why, I’m sure. 😉

        • Kitirena Koneko

          Is that a note of jealousy I hear, nyao? >-_^< Considering that when a normal two-legger does weird stuff, people look at them like they're crazy, while when we kitties do weird things, people just roll their eyes and sigh "typical for a cat…"

          • Merlin

            Merely an observation, kitty cat, though perhaps one with a little amusement behind it. 😉
            (now where did I put that catnip?)

          • Kitirena Koneko

            Catnip? Catnip? WHERE, nyao? I need my fix! GIMME!!!

            {ahem} I mean, please may I have some, nyao? -_^

          • Merlin

            If you like. (dangles a small packet high overhead…) 😉

          • Kitirena Koneko

            (Sproing! CHOMP!) Fank ‘Oo! {scampering off with catnip packet between my teeth}

            Yes, white kitties can too jump! -_^

          • Merlin


      • Chillman

        C-cup, eh? Nice, most attractive size. Attractive, shapely curves, without making your figure appear top-heavy and/or off-balance.

        • Merlin

          Right where there’s plenty to appreciate without there being too much of a good thing. Perfection.

  • Alexander

    In case of emergency they may be used as a flotation device.

    • Guardianassassin

      better to me safe, than sorry

    • Sandman366

      This has been here two days and nobody said anything about “even if it isn’t an emergency”?

      I am surprised at the restraint shown by the Internet.

  • Tinchen

    ty for the chap xD

  • The_Ninjaneer

    worded nicely XD

  • Technically she has grained weight along with her powers

  • Dorje

    Swimming slower is such a drag.

  • Draffle

    more surface area = more water resistance so not that strange that she swims slower.

  • Alexander Stallwitz

    Insert floation devices joke here