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…and this is where everyone reading either says something or very carefully says nothing.

Not everyone.

…{ahem} BOOBIES!!!! {giggle}

There, now I’ve said it for everyone else that was thinking it. (Even though personally I’m a C-cup kitty; like they said in Weird Science, “anything more than a handful and you’re asking for trouble!” -_^ But since many guys [and more than a few girls] like big bazongas, well…)

For some reason, you remind me of this:
No idea why, I’m sure. 😉

Is that a note of jealousy I hear, nyao? >-_^< Considering that when a normal two-legger does weird stuff, people look at them like they're crazy, while when we kitties do weird things, people just roll their eyes and sigh "typical for a cat…"

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