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  • Cyeca

    I hope that’s waterproof to 100 meters not resistant!

    • Henry Cannon

      Generally “rated” means that it will continue to function. So yes.

      Also, unless you have cut_s_ you’re probably fine against dropped batteries in the water, since skin is a good insulator.

  • ZRO4825

    Toyoko looks so happy here! Also, her trust in Shiden is adorable. And understandable. I didn’t say it before, but I <3 Serena's swimsuit. That effect looks awesome.

  • Tinchen

    ty for the page

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    “well, one of us accidentally fell off an helicopter, wearing 100kg of equipement, on our way to a mission”

  • Draffle

    It’s like someone telling you a safe can stay waterproof to a depth of 100 meters. It is nice to know, but who would throw a safe into a 100 meter deep lake?

    • Someone who wants to keep a secret, obviously.

    • Naldru

      If the specifications say it should withstand 100 feet of water, dropping a sample safe in the water would seem reasonable. It would also be reasonable to have some types of testing of all units. This would include resistance to heat and cold, radio interference, water resistance, and possibly some penetration resistance (such as knives).

  • SoraHjort

    Toyoko “Huh, uhmm maybe…” don’t mention underwater base don’t mention underwater base don’t mention underwater base “engineering?” nailed it

  • asebw