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  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    My knees hurt just looking at this.

  • Alexander

    Phil in fact can not lift. Still has other awesome stuff though. GO PHIL!

    • Sandman366

      250 lbs, not possible.

      20 tons, however, he swings around with ease and can hold one-handed.

      Gotta love magic.

      • Jarrod Morrow

        Yup. though it’s more the ambient magic in the world is making the staff heavier I think? it’s just Phil is immune to the weight difference because of his nullness

        • Sandman366

          Thanks for explaining the joke. >.>

  • Draffle

    is it just me or does Phil seem more feminine in training gear?

    or is that just because its the training gear the android girls use?

    • tych

      I am going to go with his posture is to blame

  • martin leske

    ty for the page
    but… if he becomes buff… he stops being a nerd Q_Q

    • LordViking

      I think being a nerd is more like a state of mind or personality than it is a body type.
      Vin Diesel is apparently a bit of a nerd and he is anything but scrawny.

    • tych

      you really think Phil has what it takes to become buff at best I say he might become lean

  • Patrick Greene Cerio

    Actually, it’s probably 295 pounds. The standard weight of an unladen barbell is 45 pounds.

  • DudeHack

    Such a…
    weighty topic