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  • Aron Dragonwolf

    For some reason, every time i see “garbage person” my mind always reads it in Philip DeFranco’s voice.

  • The Aussie Bloke

    You’ve got me curious now. I want to know what they found.

    • nightarix

      at a guess she was probably an anti-chimera activist, given the reason they kicked Kate out.

  • martin leske

    ty for the page
    now you have to post what they found…
    YOU HAVE TO *begs*

  • christopher charbonneau

    I am guessing that her mother takes part in anti-chimera rights protests or has been sent to prison for at least one violent crime towards a chimera.

  • Draffle


    she is a crushed car cube at best.

  • Facade Kitsune

    I feel that would be an excellent decal for a garbage truck “grade ‘A’ garbage person”

  • Alexander

    I see no one has noticed…….The WAS a garbage person…….Meaning either she’s dead now or has changed. Unless my grammar is off……then i’m being a dumb lol

    • The_Ninjaneer

      was , probably as in was to her til she left. though your option could be right too OoO

    • nightarix

      they could also be saying “was” as they haven’t checked recently so wouldn’t know if she still is garbage.

  • Kitirena Koneko

    From what I’ve seen so far, I’d bet anyone here 200 Triskelion Quatloos that we see what Kate’s mother has been up to lately in the near future.