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  • ZRO4825

    Never dodge questions when you’re invincible. Physical means WILL be used to put you back in line. XD

  • Alexander

    Yay for kid’s 😀

  • Chris Richardson

    Huh. Thinking about it, Phil has got to be the biggest victim of domestic violence out of any comic I’ve ever read. Practically everyone he knows has hit him at some point, and Kate has thrown him out windows and things. Doesn’t matter that he’s practically indestructible. Maybe he needs a lawyer and a therapist.

    Love the comic btw.

  • The_Ninjaneer

    DODGE THIS *Bop*

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Well get to it, then !

  • skandral

    We always hurt the ones we love.

  • Draffle

    i like this. it gives good feelings of progress.

  • Jorge L. Carreras Jr.

    “No. I like hitting you because I’ve found it makes your brain switch gears correctly. If I wait for you to switch gears yourself, you inevitably do it wrong, and wind up looking stupid.”

  • martin leske

    woman always like hitting on sturdy things *wink wink*

  • tych

    weird question does phil think he is really invincible or is he just being cute?

  • The Aussie Bloke

    “I’m not dodging the question, I just think your opinion should have more weight in this decision since you’ll be the one stuck carrying the kids for nine months, not to mention birthing them”